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Boston Pizza Bundles

30 Jan

Boston Pizza has always been a favorite for me.

Tonight, BF and I ventured out to try out their promotional BP Bundle for $9.00!  We were seated right away.  The restaurant was full but luckily, there was an available table for us.  We got this older Filipino server who would make funny comments like “What can I get for you, Boss?” or “It’s dinner time.”

BF ordered:  Cup of Soup, Yam Fries & Creamy Spaghetti Bolognese. Two thumbs up for him.  He likes his comfort foods.

I ordered:  Tossed Garden Greens with Blue Cheese, Cactus Cut Potatoes & Panzerotti Roll. I really enjoyed my meal.  The salad was good as it was already flavored with vinaigrette in addition to blue cheese I layered on for more flavor.  The potatoes were like freshly deeped fried chips.  There was a spicy punch to them that made my tongue burst in delight.  For me I always like to try something different, what is a panzerotti roll?  I decided to make a stab at it.  It was like a pizza crusted roll filled with veggies, salami, pepperoni meat, and cheese.  It was yummy and filling at the same time.  So I recommend it!

Boston Pizza Unit Trust Fund trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  I am a unit holder since May 2008.  I receive a monthly distribution of $23.  35% gain since I bought into it.  I’m really happy with this investment I made.  Only thing I’m regretting is not buying more shares at that time.


Black Eye

28 Jan

People are starting to notice my black eye even though it’s not that noticeable.  It’s worth a mention as I sit here stuffed from Honolulu Cafe after playing Dodgeball.

How many times have you heard this excuse?  “Oh, I walked into the door.”

Truth be told, it does happen!  That’s exactly how I got my black eye.  I don’t want to get into the details leading to it.  But the door was ajar when I turned around to storm out of the room, the door caught me right on the corner of my eye.  There’s a little mark as to where the edge of the door hit me.  My eye puffed up pretty much right away.  The swelling has gone down the next day or so.  It does hurt when I touch this sensitive area of my right eye.  Now a yellow/blueish discoloration is forming just above my eyelids.     Trust me, there were some nasty bruises I got elsewhere on my body that were way worse!

If I get a chance to snap a picture, I’ll post it up here.

Don't I look tough?

Let’s Play

27 Jan

Tuesdays are like my down night where I don’t have much going on.

After work, my niece Lainey was over at my house.  My dad was taking care of her for most of the day (second time around).  By the looks of it, he looked like he needed some rest so I took over babysitting duties until her Mommy comes to pick her up.  Taking care of a rambunctious baby can be a tiring task.  For newbs like me, I am constantly fretting her every step or curious fingers.

After eating and showering, I went over to BF’s place.  I had three $5 War coupons that I got from ordering lunch at Starlight.  War is a simple table game at the casino where the highest card wins.  Of course, they have multiple decks put into play to make things complicated.  For every $5 War coupon, I had to match my own $5 to bet a single play.  First two plays, I lost to the dealer.  Third play, I won so I broke even and walked away afraid that I’ll just lose my own $20 if I kept on going.

Roll to Win!

Chips in my hand, I wasn’t satisfied with not winning any money.  So I ventured over to the Craps table.  Tonight, there was only a couple of players playing so I decided to jump in!  I never understood the game as I always watched from the sidelines.  Recently, I heard from a girl that Craps has the best odds in the house and if you just bet on the pass line, your odds of winning will be good.  So I just put down $5 on the pass line and won a few times.  I went up and down, but decided to walk away with a profit of $10 from the table when it was my turn to roll the dices.

Yes, I’m a big wuss when it comes to gambling in the casino.  Slots are enticing but from past experiences, I’ve lost a lot.  So I’ll just stick to my little earnings and run.

Days in Review

25 Jan

Wednesday, Jan 20th- Alex Fraser Bridge was closed off both ways due to a fiery accident that ended in one fatality just a few hours before the commute home.  The result was a devastating gridlock for all the surrounding areas.  This was one of my longest commute home from work.  It took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes just to get off Annacis Island.  I missed my PT work which I didn’t mind at all as I got to spend the night with BF.

Thursday, Jan 21st- Dodgeball night!  Running, dodging, throwing was all part of the game.  My thighs and shoulder were sore.  I could barely move the next day.  This goes to show how out of shape I am.

Friday, Jan 22nd- Enjoyed a home cooked meal that my mom prepared for her coworkers that she invited over as well.  I spent quite some time washing dirty dishes after.  It’s all good as my mom slaved over the stove for most of the day.  That was my payback.  Later that night, BF and I cozied up to watch Jumper on my laptop.

Saturday, Jan 23rd-  No sleeping in!  BF and I headed to Crystal Mall for Hainanese chicken for $6 a plate at Curry King.  The owners are sneaky as they would only enter one order into the cash register so they won’t have to report the second sale to the government.  After, we  browsed and shopped at Metro then headed to Home Depot.  I was pretty zoinked out by the time we got back.  So I snoozed till I had to meet up with a few friends for dinner at Bridges and a play called Nevermore.  As I was heading home, BF called to ask if I wanted to head over to his friend’s house for Texas Holdem.  I went in with $5 and dominated a few hands in the beginning.  I ended up winning $4 bucks.

Sunday, Jan 24th- Short on sleep, BF and I headed out to Olive Garden to meet up with V & S for lunch.  This was my first time there and I enjoyed the unlimited stick bread and soup/salad.  I had the chili for soup… by the time I was finished with the soup and stick bread I was kind of stuffed!  I ordered the Herb Chicken Con Broccoli for my entree.  Just chilled out after and I worked my PT job from 5-9pm.

Seeing red these days.  I will wait for the day that I will see money rolling into my account.

Even as risky as my penny stocks are, ultimately I see it rising above my buy in price.  But there are some bad decisions on my part that I might have to just have to eat it.

Penny Greed

19 Jan

Will penny stocks be the ruin of me?  I don’t know what it was that made me do it.  I was itching for some action with a hot penny pick.  Just for fun, I added one more penny stock to my cash portfolio.  Great Quest Metal – 5000 shares @ $0.15.

Today, GQ generated higher than normal in trading volume (5.5 million from the usual 180k in volume), 52% gain in one day… this calls for an uptick in the next day or so.   I have to keep a stern eye on this one.  I want to make a swift and clean exit with money in my pocket this time around.  No more holding and hoping, but knowing myself, I tend to have a hard time letting things go.

Disclaimer:  This is purely based on my speculation.  Please do your own due diligence before playing the stock market.

Tax/Relax Time

17 Jan

Who's looking after your money!?

Ufile and Quicktax 2009 software programs were lined up in front of Future Shop for sale.  Reminding us that it’s that time again to do your taxes!  Don’t worry, it’s not due till April 30, 2010… For me, I like to get a head start to the tax season.

Punching in the numbers online at Quicktax for 2009, I owe about $400 in taxes.  This is derived solely on my salary minus my contributions for RRSP that I’ve already made throughout the year.  I know I have some capital gains, dividends, and interest income over the past year that I didn’t enter into the equation.  Most likely, I probably have to put more than $1500 in order to avoid the tax man.  Scourging for money at this point is hard for me as I am up to my eyeballs on my line of credit.

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Plastic Money

15 Jan

Who is afraid of using their credit card?  I’m certainly not!

The power of credit can either be used to your advantage or break you.  Once you use credit, it’ll stick with you forever in your credit history.  Use it wisely or you’ll have troubles later on getting that big mortgage.  I advice you only to spend what you can afford.  Don’t ever max out your credit card unless you know you can pay it all off the next due date.

As for me, I use credit to my advantage.  I pay all my bills on time thus giving me a great credit history so I’m able to take out loans whenever I want to.  I love using my MBNA Mastercard, it’s called smart cash.  The cashback rewards I get on it is awesome.  So far, I’ve raked up $100 bucks since June 2009 thanks to my deal seeking boyfriend who frequents quite often.

Background on my MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus:

– First six months, you get 5% on purchases from gas and groceries.  (sniff sniff goodbye 5%)  After the promotion period, it’s reduced to 3%.  All other purchases are at 1%. No annual fees. No tier amounts that you have to surpass to get these cashback rewards!  So you get these fantastic rewards right off the bat.

NOTE:  I noticed doesn’t offer this particular Smart Cash Platinum Plus on their website anymore.  Card can be applied online via with code CHSS.  You can try to apply for it by phone: 1.877.862.7759

Risky Stocks

14 Jan

Let’s just say I wanted to make a quick profit with a couple of risky stocks… but greed got the better of me. 

What's your tolerance?

1) I got an alert from Scotia technical about Noront Resources that it was bullish and going up to $4-6 bucks from its current price.  My hands got itchy that day cause I had some money sitting in my trading account.  So I ended up buying 2000 @ $2.15.  For the first week or so, it kept on climbing and I was up $900 in matter of days.  That’s when I should have cashed out.  I kept on reading the forums on how this stock is worth more than its current trading price that it’ll shoot up in 2010.  So I held on watching my profits become negative.  Currently, it’s trading at $1.77 per share.

2) I subscribe to this online pennystock newsletter.  It promoted BGEM when it first came into the scene.  Oh it was a little gem in the beginning for sure.  In a matter of a couple of days, it blossomed 100%.  For fun, I bought in 2000 @ 0.31.  So I had a wonderful gain of $600 in two days.  Oh, I had dollar signs in my eyes as they said it’ll go up to $1.00.  The hype died down after a week and the stock plummeted.  Currently, it’s trading at $0.185 per share.

Notes:  I am still holding these stocks at a loss.  Yet I am still hopefully it’ll bounce back so I can cash out with a profit!

Lesson:  When it comes to risky stocks, cash out when you’re still up!  Don’t hold on for too long, or else it’ll burn a hole in your pockets.  If worse comes to worse, I’ll sell at a loss!

TFSA- New Pickings!

12 Jan

It’s 2010 and TFSA is on my top to do list! 

Tax Free Savings Account is a wonderful vehicle to grow your savings.  Contributions is $5000 max per year.  Last year, I opened up an ING Direct TFSA.  I contributed/withdrew money from my savings account thinking as long as I didn’t put anything over $5000, I’ll be ok, right!?  There’s a big BUT… whatever you withdraw from your account, you can’t put this amount back in the same year.  You have to wait till next year to contribute again.  I find that a little silly since I did over contributed for 2009 and be penalized for it even though my account never went over $5000!  This was a big mistake on my part as interest rates is at its all time lows… earning interest in a savings account is like shaking your piggy bank.  In the meantime, the stock market was on its road to recovery.  If I had stuck $5000 into some stock back in March 2009… I could have grown my $5000 to $7500.  50% or higher depending on what stock you picked!!  I totally missed out on that wonderful opportunity to really grow my savings.  And all this is your money, whatever gains you make in this account is tax-free!  And you can withdraw this money whenever you want it.

$4.95-$9.95 per Trade

This year, I opened a Questrade TFSA trading account.  You don’t need much money to open this brokerage account.  The required minimum is $1000.  There’s no annual fees.  Great commissions fees from $4.95-9.95.  Today I bought Inter Pipeline Fund (IPL.UN- 600 shares @ $11.12).  This is a unit trust that’ll pay me $45.00 per month.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be able to pocket $540 in dividends and benefit from the appreciation of the share price as well!  My other stock in this TFSA is Navios Maritime Holdings (NM- 200 @ $6.70).  This is purely for stock price appreciation.  Crossing my fingers, it’ll do well for the year as well.  Now, I have about $2000 leftover… hmm, what should I invest this in!?

This account is fully funded by my line of credit.  I’m taking advantage of the low-interest rates to play the market.  I’ve taken out $20,000.  My rates are currently at 5.45%.  So every month I’ll have to pay $90.00 in interest.  I plan to cut down my debt as fast as possible making $1200/mo payments.   It’s risky I know.  Risk = Reward.

Disclaimer:  I am no professional, please do your own due diligence before investing in the stock market.


11 Jan

I’ve gone through phases where I’m obsessed with things.  These stages were 1) Romance Books 2) Watching TV 3) Manga Comics 4) Youtubing Anime Series 5) BF.  To say the least, some on the list I don’t even care much for anymore.

My obsession right now is my Stock Portfolio.  I’ve even put myself in debt over it.  Hopefully my plan will give me big returns in the future.  My main focus is to increase my net worth, improve myself mentally and physically.  Money has always been a top priority to me.   I’ve always been excellent at saving a high percentage of my salary thanks mostly to my parents.

Set me on the right path:

1) Dodgeball- $60 for ten weeks starting January 21st.

2) Daily sit ups/lunges/other forms of exercise- Effective January 21st

3) Eating out- $0 for water