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10 Jan

I had the pleasure to entertain and spend time with my 16 month old niece for a good portion of today.  She’s quite easy to take care now as she’s becoming her own little person now.  At this stage,  she’s running around and getting herself into trouble.  She’s able to climb up onto the sofa and climb down the stairs all by herself.  We spent the morning watching cartoons and playing with her toys.   Then… I get the daunting task of changing her stinky diaper!  But she behaved herself as I changed her so it wasn’t so bad.  We caught her dancing away to her favorite tunes… twirling around, stomping, shaking her bootie and clamping away.  It was hilarious as she’ll stumble from time to time.  Too bad, I can’t post the vid on here.   She loves to eat.  We fed her favorite treats like blueberry yogurt, banana, mandarin oranges and crackers.  For lunch, her mommy sauteed her mini sliced sausages with onions, brocolli and bean.  It was yummy as she finished most of it.  She gets fed very well as you can tell!

Cute Chinese Outfit from Grandma Kim!