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Tax/Relax Time

17 Jan

Who's looking after your money!?

Ufile and Quicktax 2009 software programs were lined up in front of Future Shop for sale.  Reminding us that it’s that time again to do your taxes!  Don’t worry, it’s not due till April 30, 2010… For me, I like to get a head start to the tax season.

Punching in the numbers online at Quicktax for 2009, I owe about $400 in taxes.  This is derived solely on my salary minus my contributions for RRSP that I’ve already made throughout the year.  I know I have some capital gains, dividends, and interest income over the past year that I didn’t enter into the equation.  Most likely, I probably have to put more than $1500 in order to avoid the tax man.  Scourging for money at this point is hard for me as I am up to my eyeballs on my line of credit.

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