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Let’s Play

27 Jan

Tuesdays are like my down night where I don’t have much going on.

After work, my niece Lainey was over at my house.  My dad was taking care of her for most of the day (second time around).  By the looks of it, he looked like he needed some rest so I took over babysitting duties until her Mommy comes to pick her up.  Taking care of a rambunctious baby can be a tiring task.  For newbs like me, I am constantly fretting her every step or curious fingers.

After eating and showering, I went over to BF’s place.  I had three $5 War coupons that I got from ordering lunch at Starlight.  War is a simple table game at the casino where the highest card wins.  Of course, they have multiple decks put into play to make things complicated.  For every $5 War coupon, I had to match my own $5 to bet a single play.  First two plays, I lost to the dealer.  Third play, I won so I broke even and walked away afraid that I’ll just lose my own $20 if I kept on going.

Roll to Win!

Chips in my hand, I wasn’t satisfied with not winning any money.  So I ventured over to the Craps table.  Tonight, there was only a couple of players playing so I decided to jump in!  I never understood the game as I always watched from the sidelines.  Recently, I heard from a girl that Craps has the best odds in the house and if you just bet on the pass line, your odds of winning will be good.  So I just put down $5 on the pass line and won a few times.  I went up and down, but decided to walk away with a profit of $10 from the table when it was my turn to roll the dices.

Yes, I’m a big wuss when it comes to gambling in the casino.  Slots are enticing but from past experiences, I’ve lost a lot.  So I’ll just stick to my little earnings and run.