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Black Eye

28 Jan

People are starting to notice my black eye even though it’s not that noticeable.  It’s worth a mention as I sit here stuffed from Honolulu Cafe after playing Dodgeball.

How many times have you heard this excuse?  “Oh, I walked into the door.”

Truth be told, it does happen!  That’s exactly how I got my black eye.  I don’t want to get into the details leading to it.  But the door was ajar when I turned around to storm out of the room, the door caught me right on the corner of my eye.  There’s a little mark as to where the edge of the door hit me.  My eye puffed up pretty much right away.  The swelling has gone down the next day or so.  It does hurt when I touch this sensitive area of my right eye.  Now a yellow/blueish discoloration is forming just above my eyelids.     Trust me, there were some nasty bruises I got elsewhere on my body that were way worse!

If I get a chance to snap a picture, I’ll post it up here.

Don't I look tough?