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Boston Pizza Bundles

30 Jan

Boston Pizza has always been a favorite for me.

Tonight, BF and I ventured out to try out their promotional BP Bundle for $9.00!  We were seated right away.  The restaurant was full but luckily, there was an available table for us.  We got this older Filipino server who would make funny comments like “What can I get for you, Boss?” or “It’s dinner time.”

BF ordered:  Cup of Soup, Yam Fries & Creamy Spaghetti Bolognese. Two thumbs up for him.  He likes his comfort foods.

I ordered:  Tossed Garden Greens with Blue Cheese, Cactus Cut Potatoes & Panzerotti Roll. I really enjoyed my meal.  The salad was good as it was already flavored with vinaigrette in addition to blue cheese I layered on for more flavor.  The potatoes were like freshly deeped fried chips.  There was a spicy punch to them that made my tongue burst in delight.  For me I always like to try something different, what is a panzerotti roll?  I decided to make a stab at it.  It was like a pizza crusted roll filled with veggies, salami, pepperoni meat, and cheese.  It was yummy and filling at the same time.  So I recommend it!

Boston Pizza Unit Trust Fund trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  I am a unit holder since May 2008.  I receive a monthly distribution of $23.  35% gain since I bought into it.  I’m really happy with this investment I made.  Only thing I’m regretting is not buying more shares at that time.