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Olympic Fever

25 Feb

Go Canada Go!  I’m caught up in the spirit of the Olympic games!  Never did my feet hurt so much!


  • Feb 12th- Friday Night:  Watched the Opening Ceremony on TV
  • Feb 13th- Saturday Rainy Afternoon:  Alberta House; Bell Ice House; Olympic Cauldron; Ontario House; Live City Vancouver
  • Feb 14th- Sunday Sunny Day:  Saskatchewan House;  Ontario 4D Show;  Tinsletown; Ebisu for Valentines dinner; Robson Square
  • Feb 18th- Thursday Night:  Drove 1st gear on stick shift; Headed to Robson Square
  • Feb 19th- Friday All Day:  Royal Canadian Mint; Checked out big line at Live City Yaletown; Street Car to Granville Island; Atlantic House; Richmond Ozone
  • Feb 20th- Saturday All Day:  Live City Yaletown; Coke Pavilion was nice!  Granville Street.

I’ll be going to two Victory Ceremonies on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday, I think we’ll be doing some last minute Olympic viewing! 



Shut the Fuck Up Asshole

17 Feb

Banana Republic is for people who thinks they’re all that.  

BF works part-time at BR.  Unfortunately, it’s his favorite store.  Anyways, he wanted to go in to check out some clothes. 

I was in the petite section of Banana Republic at the Robson location.  This white salesman came up to me and asked me if I needed any help.  I told him I was just browsing.  Then he had the audacity to say that I didn’t belong in the petite section based on my figure.  But I’m more then welcome to browse the other clothes that will be better suited for me.  Then he waltzed off to his female coworker… gave her a high five and giggled like a schoolgirl. 

BF was right there with me as that asshole made that out of line comment, so I just laughed it off.  Sigh, I wasn’t quick enough to make a come back.  I should have shot back at him,  “Go back downstairs where you can hit on your male customers, Asshole!”  I shall be more prepared next time. 

I hate Banana Republic.  I always hated going into that fake store.  So pretentious there.  Overpriced.  Out of fashion. 

 Anyways, I just wanted to get that out of my system.  Vent for the day 🙂

Impulsive Penny Buy

16 Feb

I couldn’t help myself to another penny stock. 

Ticker:  UC (UC Resources Ltd.)   Shares: 10,000   Price: 8.5 cents

Gossip:  Watch UC Resources over the next 3 months. It may be a 6 banger in that time span … with little down side (risk) from here.

Update the current price on June 16, 2010.  June 16th:  8 cents- not much activity.  Down $50.00.  Listening to others doesn’t always pay off.

My Run in with Cops

12 Feb

Last night after D-ball, I drove to Metrotown Boston Pizza to meet up with the crew for dinner! (We ended up at Reds, BP didn’t have the Bundles anymore)  I turned into the Save-on-Food way from Kingsway.  There’s a medium blocking my path to the Boston Pizza/Red Robins complex parking lot.  Instead of driving all the way down the path to make a proper turn, instinctively, I made a quick u-turn right in front of 5 uniformed cops who were just standing there.  They just stared at me.  I executed it nicely.  I was like shit as I made the turn…  but they didn’t stop me!!
Later that night, I went downstairs to go to bed around 11.30pm.  I noticed there were two cop cars parked near my house.  I peered out my glass window door to check what was going on for a bit.  Without a second thought, I got into bed getting ready for a good night’s sleep.  Then I heard a consistent knock on the front door followed by a ring to the doorbell.  Reluctantly, I got out of my cozy bed, threw on my Lululemon jacket to get the door.  There was like two cops asking for some guy who had a terrorist name that I didn’t know.  They took down my license saying that our address matched this guy that they were looking for.  I’m like we’ve been here for like 18 years!!  Actually, it’s less than that.  I was caught up in the moment!

Sleep on It

9 Feb

Sunday night, I had cheetos (a whole bunch of it) and coke for dinner.  After I got off my PT work, I stuffed my face with a bacon cheeseburger from MCD!  We had a potluck at work for lunch on Monday.  Shortly after, my throat became sore.  I wasn’t hungry after I got home from work.  So I took a short nap.  After waking up, I made instant noodles (Mi Goreng) for dinner.  I took Buckley’s to soothe my throat but as the night wore on, my symptoms acted up even more so.  My nose was running and plugging up.  It must have been the fried wings I had at potluck, but I think all the unhealthy eating habits of mine lead to my overall demise.

Checking Routine

5 Feb

Check Check 1 2 3

Every morning, I sign into my Gmail to check my usual empty inbox.  Then I click on my Finance link from Gmail to check on my stocks which are turning very red these days.  Opening my budget spreadsheet, I’ll enter my spendings and what I did for the day to keep me on track.  I’ll sign in on MSN Messenger to chat with my regulars.  Check my Hotmail for miscellaneous stuff.  

 I’m quite compulsive with checking up on my bank and brokerage accounts.  I know if I stare at it any longer, it won’t go up any higher than where it was before.  But I still look out of habit.  

 With WordPress, I keep on checking on my Stats.  Whether I’m getting any hits for the day or not.  They show a daily graph on how many visits you get in a day… so it’s kind of like  a stock graph.  Mine has been doing poorly.  I know I am not that popular!  Since I just blog about personal thoughts of mine.  Not on worldly subjects that will spark an intellectual debate.

On My Mind

4 Feb

One of my favorite past time is snoozing.  That’s where I feel most comfortable.  My hands and feet are like icicles.  Yes, I might be a little cold hearted sometimes.  So cuddling under the blanket brings me warmth and a sense of security.

Lately, I haven’t been getting enough sleep… I feel exhasusted.  No breaks for me.  There’s no sleeping in this weekend.  Saturday morning, I’ll be going bridesmaid’s dress shopping for the second straight Saturday.  I really hope I find a dress so one check mark off my list.  Sunday morning, I’ll be babysitting Lainey.  She’s going to be a handful.

I wonder if he’ll call me after hockey.  He did.  *smiles*

At Stake

2 Feb

Update on my Risky Stocks

BGEM- last mentioned share price was at 18.5 cents.  Trading volume is once again skyrocketing for BGEM.  With new PR releases and Superbowl around the corner, they’re set to make their Title Sports Drink a main attraction in Florida.  Today, BGEM gained 20% and is hovering around 30 cents. 

GQ- last mentioned share price was at 15 cents.  Volume is non-existent since I bought into it.  Not like I had anticipitated.  Live and learn.  I bought purely on speculation without much thought to it.  Today, GQ is trading at 12 cents.

NOT- last mentioned share price was at $1.77.  NOT has sunk even further down.  I’m eating my unrealized losses but I’m not too worried as there are great supporters for this stock.  NOT is at an exploration stage where they are drilling for the goods that is buried deep below the surface.  I’ll just grin and bear it for now.  Today, NOT is trading at $1.57.