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At Stake

2 Feb

Update on my Risky Stocks

BGEM- last mentioned share price was at 18.5 cents.  Trading volume is once again skyrocketing for BGEM.  With new PR releases and Superbowl around the corner, they’re set to make their Title Sports Drink a main attraction in Florida.  Today, BGEM gained 20% and is hovering around 30 cents. 

GQ- last mentioned share price was at 15 cents.  Volume is non-existent since I bought into it.  Not like I had anticipitated.  Live and learn.  I bought purely on speculation without much thought to it.  Today, GQ is trading at 12 cents.

NOT- last mentioned share price was at $1.77.  NOT has sunk even further down.  I’m eating my unrealized losses but I’m not too worried as there are great supporters for this stock.  NOT is at an exploration stage where they are drilling for the goods that is buried deep below the surface.  I’ll just grin and bear it for now.  Today, NOT is trading at $1.57.