Checking Routine

5 Feb

Check Check 1 2 3

Every morning, I sign into my Gmail to check my usual empty inbox.  Then I click on my Finance link from Gmail to check on my stocks which are turning very red these days.  Opening my budget spreadsheet, I’ll enter my spendings and what I did for the day to keep me on track.  I’ll sign in on MSN Messenger to chat with my regulars.  Check my Hotmail for miscellaneous stuff.  

 I’m quite compulsive with checking up on my bank and brokerage accounts.  I know if I stare at it any longer, it won’t go up any higher than where it was before.  But I still look out of habit.  

 With WordPress, I keep on checking on my Stats.  Whether I’m getting any hits for the day or not.  They show a daily graph on how many visits you get in a day… so it’s kind of like  a stock graph.  Mine has been doing poorly.  I know I am not that popular!  Since I just blog about personal thoughts of mine.  Not on worldly subjects that will spark an intellectual debate.


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