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My Run in with Cops

12 Feb

Last night after D-ball, I drove to Metrotown Boston Pizza to meet up with the crew for dinner! (We ended up at Reds, BP didn’t have the Bundles anymore)  I turned into the Save-on-Food way from Kingsway.  There’s a medium blocking my path to the Boston Pizza/Red Robins complex parking lot.  Instead of driving all the way down the path to make a proper turn, instinctively, I made a quick u-turn right in front of 5 uniformed cops who were just standing there.  They just stared at me.  I executed it nicely.  I was like shit as I made the turn…  but they didn’t stop me!!
Later that night, I went downstairs to go to bed around 11.30pm.  I noticed there were two cop cars parked near my house.  I peered out my glass window door to check what was going on for a bit.  Without a second thought, I got into bed getting ready for a good night’s sleep.  Then I heard a consistent knock on the front door followed by a ring to the doorbell.  Reluctantly, I got out of my cozy bed, threw on my Lululemon jacket to get the door.  There was like two cops asking for some guy who had a terrorist name that I didn’t know.  They took down my license saying that our address matched this guy that they were looking for.  I’m like we’ve been here for like 18 years!!  Actually, it’s less than that.  I was caught up in the moment!