Olympic Fever

25 Feb

Go Canada Go!  I’m caught up in the spirit of the Olympic games!  Never did my feet hurt so much!


  • Feb 12th- Friday Night:  Watched the Opening Ceremony on TV
  • Feb 13th- Saturday Rainy Afternoon:  Alberta House; Bell Ice House; Olympic Cauldron; Ontario House; Live City Vancouver
  • Feb 14th- Sunday Sunny Day:  Saskatchewan House;  Ontario 4D Show;  Tinsletown; Ebisu for Valentines dinner; Robson Square
  • Feb 18th- Thursday Night:  Drove 1st gear on stick shift; Headed to Robson Square
  • Feb 19th- Friday All Day:  Royal Canadian Mint; Checked out big line at Live City Yaletown; Street Car to Granville Island; Atlantic House; Richmond Ozone
  • Feb 20th- Saturday All Day:  Live City Yaletown; Coke Pavilion was nice!  Granville Street.

I’ll be going to two Victory Ceremonies on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday, I think we’ll be doing some last minute Olympic viewing! 


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