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4/17 Losers

5 Mar

Over the past year, I’ve been very concentrated on my stock portfolio.  Even borrowing money to accumulate more stocks in hopes of hitting a runaway stock.

I have my highs and lows.  Some picks should have been let go immediately but I have a hard time letting go.  So I’m stuck with 4/17 losers.  I will hold over a year and evaluate my situation.

  1. NOT:       –  22.91%   Update: April 6th -8.39%
  2. BGEM:    – 39.06%   Update: April 6th -56.25%
  3. NM:         –   5.13%    Update: April 6th +1.42%
  4. BA.UN:   –  9.91%    Update: April 6th  -9.67%

My picks are all over the map.  I have stakes in risky penny stocks, unit trusts, and blue chips.