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End of My Part-Time Era

29 Apr

For the past year and a half, I’ve been in a working trance.  Putting in a good 16 hours extra per week can really dampen one’s lifestyle.  But it was ok for me, I liked pocketing the extra money I have earned on the side plus it keeps me busy.

I joined Dodgeball end of January to play for 10 weeks.  So I cut back on working Thursday nights.  The 10 week season is over now.  Volleyball is starting up in May, but it’s on Wednesday nights which I also work!  So I had a little chat with my part-time boss to switch working nights…  

Some changes are coming my way!  Boss is deciding to cut my nightly hours starting in June since his wife is going on maternity leave.  He still wants me to stay on, but I’ll most likely take on the Saturday shifts.

I think they’re getting tired of staying late as they don’t get much foot traffic into the store to generate much profit.  With the added full time employee plus another part time employee… it’s beginning to get a little crowded there.  I know sales haven’t been that great in the past few months.  They are struggling to keep afloat. 

That means, my hours will be cut down to half.  Instead of showing up 4 nights a week, I’ll just work one full day on the Saturday.  Giving me more time to do whatever I want during weeknights.  I welcome it as I was beginning to feel burnt out!

Maybe I’ll find another PT job if I get bored…

Amazon Listing!

28 Apr

Recently, I bought two finance books from Amazon’s affiliates (still waiting for them to arrive).  I was in my account just checking out my orders… then I noticed the “Sell Your Stuff” tab.  Clicking on the button, I was able to list items for sell.  Going through the relatively easy process of setting up my account, I was up and running!  My store name is PenChi.  Hoping to get some bites out of them… Check out my listings!

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits (Paperback) priced at $14.50 –SOLD @ $11.95– Buyer’s Comment:  Got the book in just a week and it was brand new. Awesome seller.


Sailor Moon Vol. 1 (Paperback) priced at $150.95  -SOLD @ $80-

Nice Pop Today

22 Apr

Cheers to my Starbucks and Visa holdings!  I bought them pre-market crash time.  Still held on for dear life after watching them go down to their all times lows… I was depressed at that time when my holdings were chopped in half.  I didn’t even peeked into my brokerage account for the longest time.  Time persevered and now they’re back with full force as economy is making its way back up again!

Nice little pop for Starbucks and Visa.  Starbucks release their earnings yesterday with positive earnings… thus the nice 7% gain.  Visa is just being visa… trudging along like a solid train track.

Side Note:  Dammit I shouldn’t have sold out half of my GQ stock!  Today, it gain another 12.5% with an overall 310% gain!

Friends No More

20 Apr

Reading back on my old journal entries, at one point, I was obsessed with romance books.  I would develop a storyline but I can never complete them.  Here’s one excerpt from one of my made up romances:

Andrew Mak wondered how things changed so quickly ever since his best buddy Nicolas So left for medical school at Princeton University.  He’d been a part of the clique, the three musketeers.  Nicolas was a couple years older than Andrew, but quickly became friends when the So family moved into the Ming Meadows.  Nicolas adored his younger sister, Madison.  He’d invite her to join them in their little adventures.  The three of them were inseparable for the longest time.  Nicolas and Madision were like his brother and sister that he thought he’d never have growing up as the only child.  He will always cherish those carefree days. 

Andrew stared at a picture of the three of them together taken just before Nicolas left for med school.  Nicolas was in the middle standing proudly with a big grin on his face, his arms were around Andrew and Madison pulling them tight against him.  Andrew trying to pull himself away made a funny face capture in just that moment.  He looked at Madison in the picture, she had her arms wrapped around her brother, a smile was on her face, but her eyes told another story.  It was a bittersweet moment.

Andrew sighed as he put the picture back into his scrapbook before Emily came over for a visit.  They’ve been an item for a little over a year.  Andrew was enchanted by Emily when she turned her attention towards him after his growth spurt.  No longer a short chubby boy, Andrew became a tall dashing young stud with the total package.  His popularity exploded when he and Emily became a couple.  Andrew still tried to meet up with Madison whenever he can.  Slowly Emily became jealous of Madison spending time with her guy.  She made an ultimatum and somehow she succeeded in manipulating Andrew not to hang out with his friend, Madison until they totally lost touch with each other.  But from time to time, Emily would catch Andrew’s eyes slipping towards the girl who been friends with him for ages.  They had a history and no matter how platonic their friendship was, Emily had a feeling that Andrew missed Madison in a way that she did not like.  Emily loved  Andrew and she loathed Madison with a vengeance.

“I miss him,” Madison sighed as she picked up a picture of the three musketeers back in the happier times.
“Yeah, me too,” Andrew agreed with her.
“Whatever happened to us, Andrew.”

Andrew faced her.  She had the softest eyes that a guy could drown in them.  A guy like him, he suddenly felt uncomfortable.  Somehow he managed to utter, “I miss you too.”

“Whatever, we haven’t spoken to each other for ages.”  Tears watered in her eyes, she frowned and quickly turned away from him.  Andrew couldn’t breathe for a second, he never want to hurt Madison in any way.  But obviously, he had.  How could he be such an idiot.  He’d let Emily come in between in his friendship with Madison.  Now he and Madison were distant as ever. 

“I’m Sorry, Madi…” All of a sudden, they were inturrupted by his ringing cell.

“It’s ok, I better go.  Just have your part ready and then we can finish this next week once and for all.”  Madison quickly gather her books into her school backpack and left before Andrew could stop her.  Andrew rolled his eyes as Emily asked him what he was doing.  Finally after chatting with her for ten minutes, Emily said her goodbyes.

He ran down the stairs to kitchen to find his parents cooking dinner and chatting.

“Hey mom, dad,” Andrew greeted his parents as he reached for an apple.
“It’s nice to see Madison again,” His mom eyed Andrew.
“Yeah, we had to do an assignment for English class.”
“Let me know when dinner’s ready, I’ll be outside.”

Andrew let out a breath once he gotten out of his mom’s curious questions, more like scrutiny.  He heard a splash from next door.  He knew it was Madison taking a dip in her pool.  He remember the countless time he spent in the So’s pool.  Those were the carefree days he missed.  He found himself walking towards her.  Stroke by stroke she pushed as she neared the edge she slowed down.

“What are you doing here,” she asked as she held onto the side of the pool.
“Uh, come to say hi, ” Andrew squirmed a bit.
“Join me.”
“Haha, I don’t think so.”
“Help me out then.”  She reached up for a hand.  Andrew reluctantly closed his hands around hers.  With a jerk, she threw him off-balance and into the pool he went.

Sputtering out water, “Why you! You’re asking for it!”

He grabbed her by the shoulders to dunk her.  They wrestled and water splashed everywhere.  Laughing as hard as he can, he realized he was having more fun with Madison than a year with Emily.  After a few minutes of fierce water fight, Madison began to wither a bit as she edge towards the shallow end.  Andrew being a star athlete with endurance dove under water and wrapped his hands around her dragging her under.

When she came up for air, “OK OK, I give up!”
“Victorious!”  He jumped up and down slowing down as he watched her climb out of the pool.  She didn’t have a skimpy bikini on.  No of course not, she had a tankini with shorts shorts.  Oh how he’d love to see more.
“I hear your mom calling you for dinner.  You better get dry and get dressed in a jiffy!”
“Haha, I can only blame you.”

He climbed out of the pool taking of his shirt and pants.  He walked right up to her face to face.  His heart was beating out of control.  He reached over for the towel, their skin brushed against each other.  He could hear her gasp a little.  Tension sizzled in the air.  He couldn’t stand it anymore.

 Dropping his towel, he grabbed her face and took a chance.  He kissed her hard trying to spark a connection.  But all he got was resistance.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” Madison pulled her shaken hand through her wet hair.
“I’m sorry, I was way out of line.”
“Damn straight, don’t ever do that again!”
“Madison wait…”  He touch her lightly.  Again they were face to face.  Their eyes connected, she could see his desire.

“I’ve always cared about you, I never do anything to hurt you.”
“Whatever, Andrew, if you really cared about me… You wouldn’t have turned your back on me for the past year or so.  You haven’t spoken to me in ages.  Friends don’t just ignore each other like we have.”
“I’m sorry, I never meant for this to happen.  It’s just that Emily just a little possessive.”
“Haven’t you noticed how everyone at school tend to be a little distant from me?  Emily hates me for some reason enough to make everyone on her side.”
“Emily’s not like that!”
“Believe what you want to believe!”  With that, she simply just walked away leaving him.  Ever since Andrew became involved with Emily, his friendship with Madison slowly began to dissapear.  Later that night, Andrew had a hard time falling asleep where he tasted the softest lips…

Emily, I think you should know what I just saw!
What is it?
I just saw Andrew in Madison’s backyard
She lured him into her pool and then they started to wrestle.
Oh no, I can’t believe this!
They got out of the pool and I saw him kiss her!
Really, are you sure?
Yeah, Emily!  What are you going to do?
Well, it seems like Andrew is getting a little bit restless cause you know I just don’t want to put it out.  Maybe it’s time!

Book Delay

19 Apr

Beginner’s Guide to Short Term Trading: Maximize Your Profits in 3 Days to 3 Weeks

I was looking forward to read the mentioned above, but its arrival is pending due to  flight cancellations as the volcanic ashes have clouded Europe in the past few days.  I thought my book was coming from the states, never had I thought I’d be affected by this natural disaster.  Heart goes out to the thousands of stranded travelers.

By reading this book, I hope to revamp my strategies to investing.  Add more knowledge to what little I know of the markets.  I tend to always leave things unattended after a while.  From the half written notebooks to uncompleted accomplishments, I want to set goals and actually go through with them.  No more half asses about things anymore.  Full on attention needs to be addressed till completion.


6 Apr

Some major changes needs to be taken place to consolidate all of my holdings.  I have gone overboard with sporadic buys in stocks without much thought to them.  Borrowing and using margin to make new investments isn’t that cost efficient when they aren’t making money for you.   It’s time to re-evaluate my portfolio.  Smart decisions should be made by selling some losers and winners to clean up what I have made a mess of.

I am hitting myself over with RIM.  I had a gain of over a thousand bucks.  I was told to sell it before the earning release on March 31st.  But I was stubborn and wanted to see more gains.  I held on.  It dropped down to my buy in price… I panicked and sold out at break even.  Today it was up 4%, a profit of $300 if I had held on. 

This is not the first time either.  I did the same thing with BGEM (100% potential profit) and NOT ($900 profit)… now it’s down in the dumps.  I’m too greedy and unwilling to let go of a good thing till it crashes and burns!

I could have made $2500 in the short time span … instead I’m down $1000 of my own money.

This goes to show you that one should take profit whenever they can.  It’s hard making up lost grounds!