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End of My Part-Time Era

29 Apr

For the past year and a half, I’ve been in a working trance.  Putting in a good 16 hours extra per week can really dampen one’s lifestyle.  But it was ok for me, I liked pocketing the extra money I have earned on the side plus it keeps me busy.

I joined Dodgeball end of January to play for 10 weeks.  So I cut back on working Thursday nights.  The 10 week season is over now.  Volleyball is starting up in May, but it’s on Wednesday nights which I also work!  So I had a little chat with my part-time boss to switch working nights…  

Some changes are coming my way!  Boss is deciding to cut my nightly hours starting in June since his wife is going on maternity leave.  He still wants me to stay on, but I’ll most likely take on the Saturday shifts.

I think they’re getting tired of staying late as they don’t get much foot traffic into the store to generate much profit.  With the added full time employee plus another part time employee… it’s beginning to get a little crowded there.  I know sales haven’t been that great in the past few months.  They are struggling to keep afloat. 

That means, my hours will be cut down to half.  Instead of showing up 4 nights a week, I’ll just work one full day on the Saturday.  Giving me more time to do whatever I want during weeknights.  I welcome it as I was beginning to feel burnt out!

Maybe I’ll find another PT job if I get bored…