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Craigslist It!

30 Jun

I love Craigslist… a source where I can sell/buy miscellaneous items and countless times of entertainment!

This is how I got started:

  1. Sold Fido SIM card for $22.00 to a guy with two small children I met up at Joyce station, he tried to get it for cheaper but I wouldn’t budge on the price as it was brand new.  I was already selling at a heavy discount.
  2. Got my PT job at Certified Battery- Almost two years there now!
  3. Met up with some people that I still keep in touch as friends
  4. Sold BF’s Calvin Klein Obsession for $10.00 to a middle eastern descent who reeked of cologne.  This was a very old cologne that BF never used.  Bottle was almost full.  I should have priced it higher!
  5. Pending Sale Sold $20-  Fido C261 Motorola cell phone to a lady who works at Sleep Country.  She’s getting it for a senior who’s cell recently died.  I’m didn’t have much hope of selling, but SUCCESS 🙂
  6. Update: Aug 14th sale of Gateway 3550GZ for $110- Posted it up and got a reply right away.  Quick Sale.  Originally wanted it for $125 obo, so agreed on $15 discount.  BF thought I have a hard time selling for $50!  LOL, showed him.
  7. Update:  Nov 26th sold BF’s mom’s old Nokia cell phone for $8!  I kept the proceeds.
  8. Update:  Dec 31st sold my BB gun and 800/pack BBs for $25.  I made a $7 profit hehe!!
  9. Update:  Jan 23, 2011 sold BF’s old typewritter for $40 + $10 for my delivery.  I’m the nicest!
  10. Update:  Jan 29, 2011 sold my old guitar for $75.  Smoothest CL transaction ever!
  11. Update:  Apr 2011 sold BF’s slingshot to a kid who used his mom’s email address for $7.  He was very happy. 

Sleep Mode

29 Jun

Time to stop checking on my brokerage accounts all together.  Stay clear for a few days.  Today’s been especially tough.  It might be a good time to buy now, but I’m staying out of the waters for now till it’s calmer. 

All of my stocks took a significant dip.  I made some trades at loss to protect my assets.  Maybe, I’ll buy back in the future.  Hopefully, I’ll let my other stocks rest for a bit and see what will come out of it in the coming weeks to months.

Updated @ July 6th:
Unfortunately, I was heavy on the margin side when the market took a plunge suddenly.  I had to sell my Agrium at loss of $119.98 and Encana at loss of $135.98.  Why do I always let profit slip through my fingers?  Countless of times!  Greed plays a good portion for my hopes it’ll go up higher after a significant gain.  I let myself hold till the profit become losses.  I had two specific people telling me to sell Encana when I was up 8% but I held on stubbornly.  Now, I am free of Encana without a gain.  Let lessons be learned.

Added Positions Solely on Margin

25 Jun

Hoping for a quick rise so I can make a quick profit with these two stocks!  Bought on a whim, I think both stocks have bottomed out and going to rise anytime soon.  Good solid financial backgrounds. 

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSYS)  200 @ 28.70USD = $6099.83
Note:  US Conversion plays a real factor in optimizing my profits if the American dollar goes up!  Hoping for a quick upside of $35 or more, this one can launch anytime soon!  A waiting game really, but how long will it take though?!

Agrium Inc. (TSE:AGU) 200 @ 52.45 = $10509.99
Note:  Once the economy gets a jump start, fertilizers will be the place to be in!  Hoping for a quick upside of $55 before I can cash out!

2010 SOLD!

22 Jun

Questionable sells but nevertheless, I’ve made some moves this year.  Commissions are accounted for the total profit of $891.06

April 1, 2010
GQ 0.35-.15 @ 2500 shares = $490.01, gain of 130.66%

April 5, 2010
RIM 67.70-66.75 @ 100 shares = $55.02, gain of 0.8%

June 22, 2010
ALA.UN 18.75-16.50 @ 100 shares = $176.01, gain of 10.48%

June 23, 2010
WTE.UN 18.44-16.44 @ 100 shares = $170.02, gain of 10.34%

My Trusted Unit Funds

21 Jun

Consistent distributions from my unit trust funds have given a monthly income of $165.17 $147.17.  Below are my current holdings:

Boston Pizza Fund – BPF.UN $23/mo
Jazz Air – JAZ.UN $15/mo
AltaGas – ALA.UN $18/mo Sold
Chemtrade – CHE.UN $40/mo
Bell Alliant – BA.UN $24.17/mo (the only negative performing stock price, down 9.92%)
Inter Pipeline – IPL.UN $45/mo

Westshore Terminals – WTE.UN $42/qtr Sold

Encana- Natural Gas Play

21 Jun

Dissapointing results from Research in Motion lead to my ultimate decision to purchase Encana back in April 5, 2010.   I broke down after watching RIM from its high $77.00 falling to my buy in price of $67.00.  I hit the sell button, not wanting to lose my own capital.  Unrealized profits slip through my hands in a matter of days after the shortfall of the quarterly earning report.  Lesson learned.  If I had held on a few more days after I sold, I would have walked away with a few hundred.  But it’s not worth my time to fret and whine now.

My mentality of money sitting in my trading account is to BUY BUY BUY.  I always end up buying at its high.  With Encana, I bought it when it climbed 95 cents that very day.  I ended up buying at the end of the day.  Shortly after my purchase, the stock retreated below my buy in price.  This time, I bought half of ECA on margin and I was afraid of getting a margin call.  Luckily, it never came abouts.  After holding for a couple months, I’m at a profit of around $700. 

Here’s my dilemma, I don’t know when to let go of a stock when it’s climbing.  I keep on hoping it’ll still go up higher if I hold longer.  But many times, I’ve made bad decisions on not selling.  Yet, one time I did sell… that very same stock went on to climb another 200%.  Oh, the stock god does not love me at all.

Oh GQ!

18 Jun

You’ve been so wonderful to me for the last few months when everything crashed around my world.  You’ve soared beyond my wildest dream.  I shouldn’t have parted with half of you that early on, GQ!  But I got scared that you’ll stumble and fall like all my other ones.  You’ve proven to me that you’re resilient and willing to go that extra mile for me.  I know someday I’ll let you go… but I’ll always remember you… you’ve been the biggest star ever. 

Update:  GQ @ $0.73, 386% Gain

Obsessed Poker Dad

16 Jun

For new players, PokerStars offer 100% bonus for the first intial deposit.  Great, it’s free money!  That is only if you play tons of hands.  I decided to open a new account with PokerStars in the amount of $100 to start off with. 

Trying to preserve my capital, I’d play low limit hands and 10 cent tournaments.  I’d be up or down $10 more or less. 

Then, I made the mistake of telling my dad about my poker account.  He called me asking for my password and I gave it to him.  I warned him that if he went below $80 to stop playing.  He’s like I’ll play it safe with a grin.  Of course, when one is clearly obsessed with playing poker, it would fall on deaf ears.  He played enough times to make 50% of the bonus… thus awarding us an additional $50.  Technically, we should be up $150 right?

Wrong!  Last I checked the account, it was at $8 that’s with the bonus paid out to our account too.  I told my dad to quit using my account.  Next morning, I was at work.  I receive emails from every tournament he would win… which is usually heads up one on one.  I called him, “Didn’t I tell you to stop playing?”.  He’s like I’m up though… it’s at $16!   I told him to not play once it’s $10.  That following night, he made it up to $26.  Maybe he can still redeem himself.  I played a little bit after and won a good $2 totalling $28.00

Come next day, I got home after work.  I checked on the account it was down to $8.00 again!!  I have yet to confront him.  I should have just changed my password.

A little background on my online playing poker obsessed dad:  My dad never knew how to use a computer till I taught him how to play poker online.  He’s a old school player… quite conservative.  He started off with “play money” and worked his fortune up to $75 million on PartyPoker.  On his birthday, I decided to make a deposit for him as a present thus spiralling him to long online poker sessions.  After countless of deposits into the poker account, he has dwindled every single one of them.  Yet, he still thinks he’s good at playing online poker.  He’s basically a lost cause.  No matter how we tell him to stop playing, he’ll still play.  Just a lost cause.

TFSA Ding!

8 Jun

BAM!  I was hit with a $56 penalty for over contribution in my Tax Free Savings Account.  1% on $5600.

I had two TFSAs with ING Direct and President Choice.  I would transfer the money back and forth without realizing I couldn’t deposit the money that I had already withdrawn in that given year.  My TFSA never exceeded the $5000 limit.  But my various withdrawals and deposits made the amount over $5600 the supposedly $5000 limit.  I was choked when I found out that I wasn’t suppose to do that.  So by the end of it, I withdrew everything from both my TFSAs.

I actually LOST money on this deal as the measly interest I earned only amounted to $27.04 for 2009.  TSFA cost me more money than helping me make money!!  I have to give up $28.96!

My current TFSA is in the dumps as well… due to the recent downturn in the stock market!  I am not impressed with this new way of saving your money.  I’ve yet to see any real gains… I await for it patiently and remember not to do what I did in 2009!