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Obsessed Poker Dad

16 Jun

For new players, PokerStars offer 100% bonus for the first intial deposit.  Great, it’s free money!  That is only if you play tons of hands.  I decided to open a new account with PokerStars in the amount of $100 to start off with. 

Trying to preserve my capital, I’d play low limit hands and 10 cent tournaments.  I’d be up or down $10 more or less. 

Then, I made the mistake of telling my dad about my poker account.  He called me asking for my password and I gave it to him.  I warned him that if he went below $80 to stop playing.  He’s like I’ll play it safe with a grin.  Of course, when one is clearly obsessed with playing poker, it would fall on deaf ears.  He played enough times to make 50% of the bonus… thus awarding us an additional $50.  Technically, we should be up $150 right?

Wrong!  Last I checked the account, it was at $8 that’s with the bonus paid out to our account too.  I told my dad to quit using my account.  Next morning, I was at work.  I receive emails from every tournament he would win… which is usually heads up one on one.  I called him, “Didn’t I tell you to stop playing?”.  He’s like I’m up though… it’s at $16!   I told him to not play once it’s $10.  That following night, he made it up to $26.  Maybe he can still redeem himself.  I played a little bit after and won a good $2 totalling $28.00

Come next day, I got home after work.  I checked on the account it was down to $8.00 again!!  I have yet to confront him.  I should have just changed my password.

A little background on my online playing poker obsessed dad:  My dad never knew how to use a computer till I taught him how to play poker online.  He’s a old school player… quite conservative.  He started off with “play money” and worked his fortune up to $75 million on PartyPoker.  On his birthday, I decided to make a deposit for him as a present thus spiralling him to long online poker sessions.  After countless of deposits into the poker account, he has dwindled every single one of them.  Yet, he still thinks he’s good at playing online poker.  He’s basically a lost cause.  No matter how we tell him to stop playing, he’ll still play.  Just a lost cause.