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Craigslist It!

30 Jun

I love Craigslist… a source where I can sell/buy miscellaneous items and countless times of entertainment!

This is how I got started:

  1. Sold Fido SIM card for $22.00 to a guy with two small children I met up at Joyce station, he tried to get it for cheaper but I wouldn’t budge on the price as it was brand new.  I was already selling at a heavy discount.
  2. Got my PT job at Certified Battery- Almost two years there now!
  3. Met up with some people that I still keep in touch as friends
  4. Sold BF’s Calvin Klein Obsession for $10.00 to a middle eastern descent who reeked of cologne.  This was a very old cologne that BF never used.  Bottle was almost full.  I should have priced it higher!
  5. Pending Sale Sold $20-  Fido C261 Motorola cell phone to a lady who works at Sleep Country.  She’s getting it for a senior who’s cell recently died.  I’m didn’t have much hope of selling, but SUCCESS 🙂
  6. Update: Aug 14th sale of Gateway 3550GZ for $110- Posted it up and got a reply right away.  Quick Sale.  Originally wanted it for $125 obo, so agreed on $15 discount.  BF thought I have a hard time selling for $50!  LOL, showed him.
  7. Update:  Nov 26th sold BF’s mom’s old Nokia cell phone for $8!  I kept the proceeds.
  8. Update:  Dec 31st sold my BB gun and 800/pack BBs for $25.  I made a $7 profit hehe!!
  9. Update:  Jan 23, 2011 sold BF’s old typewritter for $40 + $10 for my delivery.  I’m the nicest!
  10. Update:  Jan 29, 2011 sold my old guitar for $75.  Smoothest CL transaction ever!
  11. Update:  Apr 2011 sold BF’s slingshot to a kid who used his mom’s email address for $7.  He was very happy.