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Thou Shalt Not Listen to Others

15 Jul

No. 1 Rule:  Thou Shalt Not Listen to Others

Do what’s best for you!  Do not always follow the herd or else they’ll trample on you. 

Greed is my fault.  I got caught up in a hot penny stock.  It doubled in a matter of a few days when I bought into it.  I thought it’ll shoot up even more, but that’s not the case.  After the initial craze, the stock died down and it started to fall… it fell fast!  I didn’t pull the trigger when I had the chance.  I missed out on my 100% gain.  Now I am stuck with a 65% loss.  It’s okay as it was my first crazy loss.  Of course, I’m not that stupid… I only used $639.99 of my own money.  Essentially, I didn’t put my life savings into a crazy penny stock 🙂

Safety is my fault.  I sold out half of my position at a gain of 133% taking back all of my initial investment plus a tiny profit.  The other half of this hot penny stock went on to be a 6x bagger for me.  Instead of holding all the shares, I’ve lost out on the potential profit I could have had.  If I only knew… 😦

A direct comment from one of the fellow forumer at my posting in Agoracom:
Shoulda, coulda, woulda…. There is always another place in the market where you could have made more money, not suffered a loss, etc. etc. Important thing to remember is that it is a continuum. In the end it is all one stock. They all go through winning and losing phases. You could have chosen another stock and your timing may have left you just the same…. it’s not really about the stock… it’s about you….. and the decisions you make.