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Re-Entered Visa

16 Jul

Markets took a big hit based on weak U.S. consumer data.  Visa dropped 3.85 basis points alone  today.  I figured it’ll rebound on Monday, but the down trend might continue.  It’s risky but I’m ready to tackle it.  Thus, I made an entry at $71.99.  I did not get it at its bottom, which is $71.45.  The real time quotes on Questrade was delayed by 15 minutes which slipped my mind for an instant.  Ultimately, that short time frame made me buy at a higher price than what I would have liked to.

Nevertheless, Visa is a solid company with lots of potential.  I have no worries that it’ll bounce back to around $76.50 where I’ll make my exit.  Maybe, it’ll take a few days or weeks for its revival.  I am willing to wait it out instead of panicking like I did back in June 29th.  I shall take my profits this time instead of selling at loss.