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10 Cent Tournament

20 Jul

A great way to kill boredom is to play 10 cent tournaments.  Cheap way to offer you tons of entertainment at the hands of Texas-Holdem for a possible 1st place finish with a payout of $8.50!  Tournaments offer you continuous play until you get taken out by a bad beat or your chips simply runs out due to the way you play.  Most of the time, I don’t even place top 36 to earn my dime back plus some more.  It’s just for fun.  A dime is wasted till there is no money left in my Pokerstar account.

Last night, I placed 35th place after an hour of play.  So I won 20 cents.  Left with less than $2.00 in my Poker Star account basically after my dad depleted my initial $100 deposit.  I ventured to the 2/4 cent blinds no limit tables for a few rounds of Texas-Holdem.  That’s where I can slowly work my way up hopefully.  As of now, I have $4.00 left in my account.  I plan to win pots from here and there so I can regain my initial deposit.  My hope is bleak but you never know!

I use Visa to make a deposit to my online poker account.  This transaction is deemed as a cash advance and charge you a $5 fee upfront plus interest on the balance owing.  I don’t like this at all.  This may be the last I’ll ever put money into this thing.