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Waste of Money

26 Jul

2006 Civic DXCar gives you the freedom to go anywhere, but it also comes with a financial burden.  Buying a car is the ultimate money pit.  When I first started at my current job, I decided to buy a new Honda Civic DX to travel to work.  I actually wanted to buy an older car, but my dad insisted that it’s better to buy new.  Sometimes, I should just stick with my ideas instead of listening to others.

I travel 30km each day to and from work plus weekend driving!  I’ve put on a good 70,000km after four years of driving.  Every year, I have to buy insurance for my car.  Finally, I have re-gained my 40% discount thus my renewal rate is lower than the previous years.  Every ten days, I have to fill up my tank.  Gas as of now is at $1.16/litre.  Maintenance are costly as well.  Time to change the tires soon. 

The tally so far is a heaping $40,000 and counting.  That could have been a downpayment for a place of my own.