Saving Quarters

27 Jul

When I was young, I started my own little Keroppi Bank where I would keep track of my deposit and withdrawal of quarters most of the time.  My favorite coin is a quarter!  Quarters are easy to count and collect.  Looking at a quarter, it doesn’t seem much as a whole but once you start a pile of them, they really do add up fast.  Forty pieces of quarters will add up to a whopping ten bucks!  I used to roll them up and deposit roll of quarters into my old BMO savings account.  Saving quarters has led me to a world of financial well-being!  It taught me how to manage my own money.

Why do I save?  I save for a safety net;  for my future simple as that.  I try my earnest to save as hard as I can, but there are always expenses that pops into the picture.  Expenses that can put me into debt if I do not budget properly.  Making the right decisions to where I put my money will greatly affect the outcome of multiplying my fortune or costing me an arm or a leg.

Money is an essential tool in life to get through in this day and age.  We all live in a capitalistic society.  All for money or all for nothing mentality.  Money plays an important role in one’s life.  It gives one the power to go far in whatever they desire.

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