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Let Go of BMO!

28 Jul

Dividend of 70 cents per share was announced today for BMO.  Hopefully, I have held long enough to get in on the dividends.  The shares of BMO took a little tumble, so I finally let go of BMO at a profit of $530.00 after holding for 24 trading days.  This is my first winning trade that I have ever had within a short time span of a month.  Time to congratulate myself!!  Hooray!!

This is the beginning of capturing that rise in a stock and locking in the gains.  My old buy and hold strategy didn’t fare too well in the past.  There are still a lot of stocks I’m holding on to with a significant loss if I do sell now.  But what I’ve learned is to never let your stock go any higher at a 8% loss.  It’s time to limit my losses and capture all my gains to create a great fortune!