700% Reached for Great Quest Metals!

10 Aug

Foresight would have been crucial in capturing that blossoming rare penny stock.  Risks could turn into wonderful fortunes that’s only if you really have guts for it.  What made me buy 5000 shares at 15 cents of GQ that day?  I simply wanted to see what a penny stock can do.  GQ by far has been a diamond in the rough that I managed to catch in its infancy!  There were several chances where I could have loaded on more shares after the initial buy.  GQ traded sideways and downwards for the next couple months.  I was dissapointed… looking for a quick rise at that time.  But patience had paid off.  Covering my ass, I stupidly let go half of my shares at 35 cents… scared from past experience.  Yet GQ keep on climbing after.  Today, it sits at $1. 20.

Imagine if I had really put down $15,000 on a 15 cent stock… which would equate to $120,000 present value!  I am only dreaming as I would never really plot down that much on a risky penny stock.  But if I had the foresight… I would be sitting in a very large sum!

Question now, when will GQ lose its momentum?  Will it just fall back to pennies after a spectacular run?  You never know… always be on the button!

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