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Understanding the Downside

15 Aug

When a stock goes on an upside streak, there’s bound to be a set back.  You never know exactly when it’s coming, but if you’re in the money… best to break the ties with the stock and take the extra cash you have on hand at profit.  That’s what I did for FSYS.  After watching it go down from a high of $37.50, I finally sold out at $32.50 with a measly $547.10 gain.  $5 per share lost just like that in a matter of a few trading days.  I kept on telling myself it’ll go up the next day… but no, it kept on falling deeper and deeper.

Venturing to other stocks, I bought 200 shares of Cisco (CSCO) at $21.41.  It’s taken a good hit in the last couple trading days.  I think it has potential to move in the upward trend in the next few days.  But I’m not that good at reading technical charts.

From my RSP Questrade Account, I’ve gotten frustrated at the stocks I was holding a numerous months.  I finally decided to do a little summer cleaning by selling the following:

BA.UN 279.27 LOSS
NOT 50.34 LOSS
SU 202.10 GAIN

Overall, I had a loss of $127.51 with my sell on Friday the 13th in my RSP account.  I decided to keep my UC penny stock.  Now I have $6595.10 cash to buy a good healthy dividend stock.  I may rebuy BMO again as it has dropped to $59.09 recently.  This will be a longer term hold.  This time around I will do more research to what I’ll be buying.