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Seeing Red

25 Aug

What an awful day!!  My whole portfolio was bleeding as the market sucked the life out of my stocks.  All that time of gains can be wiped out in a single bad bay crash.  It’s always hard to time when to sell.  Just be ready to pull the trigger! 

BMO in particular took a rather big hit as they didn’t meet analyst’s expectations.  It took a big hit from a $59.00 to $55.50 in a single day drop.  BMO was a big red alert as it drop to a dangerous 6% loss in my RSP account.  I know BMO will eventually counter back.  So I just left it as is. 

My single day gain in Agrium was taken away yesterday.  Today, it dropped another $2 basis points in early morning trading, but since then, AGU has been climbing back to its start off price.  What an excellent time to buy… if I only had more money.  But anyways, I should have sold out while I was up $169!!  Now I sit at a loss… just waiting for the bounce back.