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Time to Assess

30 Aug

My earning potential at work has always been a challenge for me.  The only reason I am able to survive are my supportive parents whom I still live with.  They allow me to stay at home for free.  Of course, I try to pinch in monthly to help out around the house.  I am not a complete stinge!  For the past while, I’ve been on a lock down.  Not buying things that are unneccessary.  Even as I am in the market for a laptop, I put it off.  I don’t want to pay so much for one.

If I were to be renting out, I’d be living from pay check to pay check.  Most likely, I’ll be unable to take vacations and save much of what I earn as well.  For now, I am content with my situation for the time being, but I know I’m getting up in that age where I eventually have to get my own life.

What I really should focus now is to either liquidate my stocks to pay off the debt I’ve accumulated through stock purchases or look into other investments such as property for rental.  Need more ways to make money too!  I only work once a week at my part-time job thus my pocket money ain’t as big as it used to be.