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Pennies @ Work

28 Sep

Adding more to my position in UC Resources:

10,000 @ 8.5 cent 
4,000 @ 10.5 cent 
26,000 @ 11.5 cent

40,000 @ 10.65 cent avg cost

Let’s see how this will come about in the upcoming months.  I am hopeful that this will move up to 15-20 cents by December 2010.  Will this bring me joy or heartache?


Putting Portfolio to Sleep till December 2010

28 Sep

Last night, I decided to calculate all my stock sales for 2010.  By not keeping track of my purchases/sales, I did not realized how much I was buying and selling.  To date, I have made 19 sells to my various accounts.  Here’s the breakdown:

79,509.51-78,044.29 = $1465.22/78044.29= 1.88% realized gain

Pathetic  gain!  I thought it was higher than that.  Though my current holdings are at 12.90% gain. 

That’s why I’m putting a stop to my trading in my portfolio.  I might buy/sell in my QT Margin account as I am doing well with that mini trading.  So far, I’m up $1700 on my original $5000 investment since July 2010.

Price Adjustment: Savings of $122.08

24 Sep

Price adjustment tip:  Make sure to have the original receipt and the item handy for them to refund you the appropriate amount.  Without the item, they will not do the price adjustment for you as they need to scan the item back into the system. 

  • There was a fantastic deal on a 15.6” MSi Intel-Core i3-350M 4GB RAM + 500GB DATA 2.5 Hard Drive at $498.00 from regular price at $588.00!  I was in the market of a new laptop so I jumped on this opportunity.  A couple of days ago, I happen to come across Walmart’s Anniversary sale flyer to find out that the same laptop I bought was on sale at an even discounted price of $448.00.  Luckily the sale is within the two week frame from the time I bought the laptop.  Morning mission brought me a savings of $56.00.  I am quite happy with spotting that sale at the right time.  Phew!
  • I also got a price adjustment at Lululemon after discovering that the pants I got as a gift was on sale.  So I got myself a gift card from them at the price of $66.08.  You can see how some stores really gauge you at a premium.  The sales clerk says they don’t usually do a price adjustment, but she made an exception this time. 

Never hurt to ask and save yourself a few bucks!

Net Worth

21 Sep

Not everyone is keen on telling you what their net worth is.  It is such a taboo subject as a whole.  You don’t outright ask someone how much they make.  It’s considered as rude.   For me, I love hearing about personal finance.  Sometimes, I do brazenly ask just to see how willingly they want to disclose their information with me.  If they are truthful, I will return the favour.

I happen to stumble upon several blogs where the blogger tracks their net worth publicly.  Of course, they happen to be “anonymous” in the cyber world so it’s ok in that sense.  It’s about sharing information with one another and I love that. 

My net worth is definitely smaller than the average in the late twenties group due to my lack of earning power.  2009 was a tiring year.  I worked hard at my part-time job to create more disposal income to save/spend.  An extra $600 a month goes a long way.  But those extra 16 hours out of the week meant I was giving up fun, relaxation time, and down days.  Definitely,  working part-time is a great strategy to save money.  Nearing the end of it, I was starting to burn out. 

As of now, I still go through my day job with no real motivation.  I’ve certainly neglected my work due to my obsession with making money.  In hindsight, I need my day job to pay off my debts and grow my savings.  I should be focusing on keeping my job than the stock market. 

In the mornings, I usually just follow the stock market.  I do not trade daily.  But I just fret over little dips here and there.  In addition, I am usually surfing for personal enjoyment and chatting online.  All this will eventually lead me to a destructive path.  I need to wake up and finish up all my loose ends.  Time for me to own up to my responsibility.  Stop dreaming about the riches I will hold one day with my stocks.  Either they will become or not.  Simple as that.  Right now, it’s time for me to just work the whole 7 hours like everyone else.  Prove to my boss that I am an asset instead of a liability.

Want to make an easy $100?

20 Sep

Sign up for to play Baccarat table.
You need to make a deposit of $100 at once in order to receive a $100 Casino Token from BCLC.  Offer expires October 5th.  Valid only for BC residents.
Here’s the method:
Bet $50 on Player and $50 on Banker on the same play.  Once you made this play, you have used up your $100 and they will automatically reward you with $100 casino token.  Repeat the bet again at $50 on Player and $50 on Banker. 
Now you have $200 sitting in your real money account.  Of course, if the banker wins… they take a $2.50 fee each time.  Luckily for me, I hit player twice so I got $200 now.  So I can cash out my winnings… but I feel like playing though.  Sigh, I lose out with using my PC MC cuz they charge $5 in cash advance.  Best to use your Visa card.

Update:  Being the gambler I am, I played BJ and Roulette.  I managed to blow $40 in a few hands.  On my last draw, I bet $50 on red.  Luckily, the ball landed on red..  so I got back my losses plus an extra $10.  I stopped there for now.  But as you can see, you can just swindle your winnings in a very short amount of time. 

Spendings for 2010

19 Sep

What the hell!  I track my spendings everyday.  You can say that I’m good with money.  I don’t spend a whole lot on silly stuff.  But somehow I managed to rake up a bill of $10,000 already and still counting!  Last year, I have managed to keep my spendings at $10,000.  Time for me to really stick to my budget for the next few months and pay off my debts as fast as possible.

  1. One’s biggest expense is either on rent or mortgage on a monthly basis.  Thank goodness, my spendings doesn’t include living costs as they are being covered by my parents for now that is. 
  2. What I spend most are things associated with my car like gas ($150/mo with 30km each day to work), insurance ($1578/yr with my 40% discount), and maintenance costs. 
  3. Food is a major expense too, though I try to eat at home on weeknights to cut down the bill.  Going out to eat is quite costly.  Fast food joints are always cheaper and tasty, but in the long run, you know you’re just putting junk in that tummy of yours.  I usually scan the menu for the cheapest item.  Of course, I always like the biggest bang for my buck.  A good way of saving money when going out to eat is to order water instead of other drinks that usually cost $3 and up.  Learn to discipline yourself with not over eating.  That way, you don’t have a lighter wallet plus unecessary pounds.
  4. Having a boyfriend means more outings and finding things to do.  You can’t have him always picking up the tab right?  That’s not fair.  Though sometimes I do envy those girls who totally milk their boyfriends. 
  5. What else do I spend?  Oh yes, my monthly cell phone bill, but I only pay $22.40/mo as I only use it once in a while.  Reason why I even I have a cell phone is for emergencies or to meet up with people on the go.  Most days I’m at the office or at home.  I can always be reached at another number.
  6. I haven’t spent that much on clothes this year, though I bought my bridesmaid dress for a couple of bills.
  7. Gifts and donations ($200) are a great way to totally blow your budget.  They come in birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and countless of little things you feel obligated to chip in as well. 
  8. Yearly vacations are to rejuvenate your soul.  A few days away from work is like a haven for most.  They do come at a cost though.  Relatively short vacations to Cancun and San Fransico for me rang  a bill of $2000.
  9. Electronics, luckily I am not really a gadget person who always want the latest technology.  Though, I recently I bought a laptop for $560.  The old laptop I had was just not efficient anymore, I managed to sell it for $110 to a willing buyer!
  10. Unexpected bills can pop up and hit you where it hurts.  This year I had a fitting for my crown tooth.  An old cavity fill fell out.  It was a big fill on the side of my tooth and I had left it unattended for ages.  My dentist told me my tooth was starting to decay.  I got a crown for my tooth which my dental plan covered 50%.  I ended up forking out $420 still.  Dentists are such rip offs.
  11. Gambling, opened a Pokerstar account with $100 plus a stupid cash advance fee on the credit card of $5 and interest.  Dad depleted it.  What a waste of money.

It’s easy to spend than to save money.  I’m a saver at heart.  You can call me thrifty, but I am not cheap.  I have a giving heart depending on the situation.  Don’t you just hate people whose mentality is to take whatever they can get!  All they think is for themselves with little disregard for anyone else.  Have you ever met a coworker, friend, family member whose a leecher?  One who always skimps out on the tab when every forks out to pay at the end of a meal.  One who always hitch a ride with you, but never offering to drive you for once.  One who just shows up empty-handed for a potluck.  My point here is that it’s okay to be good with your money, but don’t always be the cheapstake.

Crazy Sells and Buys

17 Sep

Today, I just sold off four stocks to revamp my portfolio.

CHE.UN from my Scotia Itrade – This unit trust had been good to me.  I had a pretty good run with this one, but over the last few months, it’s been taking a beating.  I am sad to let this one go actually.  It had been paying me out consistently at $40/month.  Sometimes, it’s better to sell out before it goes for a free fall.  I had hopes it’ll bounce up, but hit a road block.

CSCO from my Scotia Itrade –  This recent buy has been a little to slow to pick up a rebound. The free up money will either go to pay off some debt that has been adding up for me.

NM from my TFSA Questrade –  Had chances of selling at a small profit.  My mentality back then was to hold and hope for bigger gains.  Lesson learned is to profit whenever and go onto the next best thing.  Held this falling one for a good 9 months.  Really dissapointing.

UCO from my TFSA Quetrade –  Crude oil hasn’t risen as fast as I thought it would for this year.  Another big loss I took to set forth another direction in my trading style. 

Here are my buys to replace my sellers: 

I picked up 2000 shares of GIX.TO @ 35 cents.  It had a good pop up today.  Hoping this one will make a good run out before hitting its peak. 

I’ve added more to my position at UC.TO.  The average cost now is at 40,000 shares @10.65 cents.  This can either end up badly or make me really happy down the road.  Check back in a few months.  

Best Buy (BBY) 100 @ 37.15(USD) is purely for seasonal play.  Waiting on the Oct 5th dividend and the uptick in the spirit of Christmas!  Hoping this one will bring me a good present!

Time for me to let these budding penny stocks to blossom when they are ready!

My Total Debt

13 Sep

My main focus is to reduce the debt with the highest interest charged.  A big balance at RBC Visa with a promotional rate of 0.00% is coming to an end.  I need to re-arrange my credit or sell some stocks to avoid the hefty 19.99% per annum once it expires.  A total of $27,146.51 is the debt I have accumulated since the beginning of 2010.  The following is the stack of my current debt outlined:

Line of Credit
BMO Mastercard  $1745.15 @5.75%

Scotia Itrade  $6311.10 @ 4.25% 
Questrade  $2676.77 @ 4.25%

Credit Card PROMO: 
Visa RBC  $11,970 @ 0.00% expires Nov 11,2010 
Visa RBC  $500 @ 0.00% expires Jan 31, 2011
MBNA Smart Cash  $1000 @ 0.99% expires Aug 2011
MBNA Smart Cash  $1000 @ 0.99% expires Sept 17, 2011
MBNA Gold $1943.49 @ 0.00% expires Mar 2011

15 Stocks I Own

3 Sep

Over the years, I have not kept a real close track of my losses and gains since I started back in 2002.  I was pretty much dormant in trading as I never really had the money to do so.  However for the past year and a half, I’ve steadily increased my portfolio by making random purchases of this and that using borrowed money.  I have a very unconventional way of investing from blue chips, unit trusts to small junior mining explorers.  Since 2010, I have realized a total of $1,771.50 in gains from my trading portfolio.  Here is the list of all the current stocks that I still hold to date:

Feb 15, 2008  SBUX  +37.25%
Mar 24, 2008  V  +6.32%
May 7, 2009  BPF.UN  +32.12%
May 12, 2009  JAZ.UN  +53.55%
Oct 29, 2009  CHE.UN  +14.23%

Dec 4, 2009  NOT  (-41.94%)
Dec 11, 2009  BGEM  (-68.25%)
Jan 5, 2010  NM  (-29.97%)

Jan 12, 2010  IPL.UN  +17.72%
Jan 14, 2010  UCO  (-16.57%)
Jan 19, 2010  GQ  +733.33%
Feb 16, 2010  UC  +41.17%

Aug 13, 2010  CSCO  (-4.48%)
Aug 16, 2010  BMO  +0.34%
Aug 17, 2010  AGU +5.43%

NOTE:  4/5 losers are American stocks.  Time for me to get rid of the losers, but I’ll give them till the end of year to redeem themselves.  Such a bust!


2 Sep

On July 16th, Visa dropped by a good 3.50 basis point.  It was a good opportunity to buy in and wait for a recovery in the short time frame which proved to be true.  Visa made a good  climb up by 4.55 basis points.  The only reason why I did not cash out was due to the exchange rates.  My profit was not $455.00 as I had anticipated, it was way less after the currency conversion.  So I held on.  After a good month and a half, I’m still holding to a non profiting stock.

In the meantime, Agrium was bullish all the way through.  If I had bought Agrium instead of Visa during that day, my unrealized profits would have been $1366.00.  Since I sold out at 52.45 at a pitiful loss, Agrium has climbed steadily to $75.60.  All this time, I kept on thinking to myself I’ve missed the boat.  It was bound to some draw backs.  But this mighty stock kept on trucking along just like my GQ.  Next time, maybe it’s best to just hitch a ride and enjoy the view!

Lesson:  No more USD stocks.  Buy on the uptrend.  Stop losses from getting bigger.