15 Stocks I Own

3 Sep

Over the years, I have not kept a real close track of my losses and gains since I started back in 2002.  I was pretty much dormant in trading as I never really had the money to do so.  However for the past year and a half, I’ve steadily increased my portfolio by making random purchases of this and that using borrowed money.  I have a very unconventional way of investing from blue chips, unit trusts to small junior mining explorers.  Since 2010, I have realized a total of $1,771.50 in gains from my trading portfolio.  Here is the list of all the current stocks that I still hold to date:

Feb 15, 2008  SBUX  +37.25%
Mar 24, 2008  V  +6.32%
May 7, 2009  BPF.UN  +32.12%
May 12, 2009  JAZ.UN  +53.55%
Oct 29, 2009  CHE.UN  +14.23%

Dec 4, 2009  NOT  (-41.94%)
Dec 11, 2009  BGEM  (-68.25%)
Jan 5, 2010  NM  (-29.97%)

Jan 12, 2010  IPL.UN  +17.72%
Jan 14, 2010  UCO  (-16.57%)
Jan 19, 2010  GQ  +733.33%
Feb 16, 2010  UC  +41.17%

Aug 13, 2010  CSCO  (-4.48%)
Aug 16, 2010  BMO  +0.34%
Aug 17, 2010  AGU +5.43%

NOTE:  4/5 losers are American stocks.  Time for me to get rid of the losers, but I’ll give them till the end of year to redeem themselves.  Such a bust!

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