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Net Worth

21 Sep

Not everyone is keen on telling you what their net worth is.  It is such a taboo subject as a whole.  You don’t outright ask someone how much they make.  It’s considered as rude.   For me, I love hearing about personal finance.  Sometimes, I do brazenly ask just to see how willingly they want to disclose their information with me.  If they are truthful, I will return the favour.

I happen to stumble upon several blogs where the blogger tracks their net worth publicly.  Of course, they happen to be “anonymous” in the cyber world so it’s ok in that sense.  It’s about sharing information with one another and I love that. 

My net worth is definitely smaller than the average in the late twenties group due to my lack of earning power.  2009 was a tiring year.  I worked hard at my part-time job to create more disposal income to save/spend.  An extra $600 a month goes a long way.  But those extra 16 hours out of the week meant I was giving up fun, relaxation time, and down days.  Definitely,  working part-time is a great strategy to save money.  Nearing the end of it, I was starting to burn out. 

As of now, I still go through my day job with no real motivation.  I’ve certainly neglected my work due to my obsession with making money.  In hindsight, I need my day job to pay off my debts and grow my savings.  I should be focusing on keeping my job than the stock market. 

In the mornings, I usually just follow the stock market.  I do not trade daily.  But I just fret over little dips here and there.  In addition, I am usually surfing for personal enjoyment and chatting online.  All this will eventually lead me to a destructive path.  I need to wake up and finish up all my loose ends.  Time for me to own up to my responsibility.  Stop dreaming about the riches I will hold one day with my stocks.  Either they will become or not.  Simple as that.  Right now, it’s time for me to just work the whole 7 hours like everyone else.  Prove to my boss that I am an asset instead of a liability.