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Pennies @ Work

28 Sep

Adding more to my position in UC Resources:

10,000 @ 8.5 cent 
4,000 @ 10.5 cent 
26,000 @ 11.5 cent

40,000 @ 10.65 cent avg cost

Let’s see how this will come about in the upcoming months.  I am hopeful that this will move up to 15-20 cents by December 2010.  Will this bring me joy or heartache?

Putting Portfolio to Sleep till December 2010

28 Sep

Last night, I decided to calculate all my stock sales for 2010.  By not keeping track of my purchases/sales, I did not realized how much I was buying and selling.  To date, I have made 19 sells to my various accounts.  Here’s the breakdown:

79,509.51-78,044.29 = $1465.22/78044.29= 1.88% realized gain

Pathetic  gain!  I thought it was higher than that.  Though my current holdings are at 12.90% gain. 

That’s why I’m putting a stop to my trading in my portfolio.  I might buy/sell in my QT Margin account as I am doing well with that mini trading.  So far, I’m up $1700 on my original $5000 investment since July 2010.