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Caffinated Yet?

22 Oct

Starbucks has been my longest holding in any stock.  I’m glad I didn’t let go of this brewing company when it traded down in the dumps at around $7.00.  I had bought in at $18 of February 2008, it was a tough time for me but I remained optimistic that it’ll bounce back eventually.  During the fall and rise between 2008-2009, the head CEO came back to Starbucks to reorganize their structure and it paid off big time.  To date, I have a 50% gain plus they have started to payout dividends in 2010.  Looking forward to the upcoming earning report… this might be a break it or lose it moment for me.


Betting on the Right Stocks

19 Oct

Sometimes you’ll hit a home run, sometimes you’ll strike out.  Know what your risk tolerance is for one particuliar stock. 

Greed got the better of me.  In my mind by holding 40,000 shares in a penny stock can reek explosive gains if it only went up by this and that.  10 cent gain = $4000; 25 cent gain = $10,000; 50 cent gain = $20,000  and so forth.  You get the picture, right?

It was a risky move by adding more shares to my position in UC Resources.  My original stake is at a mere 17% gain versus a more current pick, GIX, that went on an explosive run to 83%.  I am quite disappointed how the initial launch in UC Resources didn’t quite catch on fire.  My second and third position has basically wiped out my gain.  Patience is virtue.  This is starting to wear on me as I have watched a similar junior stock, NOT, I own go down to 43% in which I still own.  It’s quite discouraging to buy in when the stock is rising only to fall back below your buy in price.  All the glitter of a 10 cent stock can be wiped out by a marginal fall of a cent.

Choose your picks wisely.  I did miss out on golden opportunities.  Held onto losers while a runaway stock just slipped through my fingers.  Best to always minimize your losses and follow where the money is.

Officially 1000%

18 Oct

GQ has officially hit its 1000% mark.  A remarkable feat from 15 cents to $1.65 and counting! 

Last Friday, it had gained 20 cents in one trading session.  Today is no more the less.  The day is still young, you never know what will transpire in the next few hours.  But I got one jumping penny stock!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

My only regret was not adding more position to this stock and selling out at a mere 35 cents.  However, I am grateful for the shares I have left.

Exceeded My Goal

13 Oct

Agrium is up by 22% and Geologix is up by 51% from my buy in price.  They are on a tear in the past week.  I am still holding them in my Questrade Margin account at an unrealized gain of $2130.  I am keeping a keen eye on them both as the downward momentum may come into play anytime soon.  I am very happy with my results in my new account. 

 However, I took losses in my other accounts only to buy duds.  So all in all, I am breaking even.  There were quite a few stocks I let go that went on to gain even more.  For example:  AGU (though, I bought into it again), ALA, CHE.UN,  CSCO, FSYS, Half of GQ, RCI.B, WTE.UN.  These undeciplined sales were not thoroughly thought out.  My decisions were harsh and giving up on the stock where it did have more potential to grow. 

Goal:  I want to cut down my debt by Nov 16th.  That’s when my RBC Visa 0% balance of $12,500 expires.  I am going to sell probably half of my holdings in Starbucks and Visa.  Visa has been a little dissapointing to me.  I sold other stocks to keep this big burden in my portfolio.  I am not making any money out of Visa.  Damn exchange rates!  You ruin my profits!!


7 Oct

Lately, I’ve been frequenting sites like Red Flag Deals and Smart Canucks in search for deals!  If you keep your eye out, you can get really good discounts through coupons and special promotions that companies offer to attract consumers to their products.  I’m only at the beginning stages of learning how to use “stacking” to my advantage.  Apparently, you can stack the coupons together to get an item for free.  I’m not really a coupon clipper, but if it does save me money, I will do it.  Price matching is another option that many use to get another 10% off from the sale item listed.  But I believe that takes time and piss a lot of people off in the long line ups.  Always know your prices.. try not to pay for the full price for an item.  It’s bound to go on sale anytime!  Just wait for it… and you shall pocket the savings 🙂

Here’s the list of freebies I got so far:

-Free Taster’s Choice 6 instant packets
-Free sample of  All Bran bar
-Free MCD Large fries using Monopoly Money
-Free 414ml Coke from Mac’s (Picked up Oct 10th on expiry date)
-Free Maple Leaf Bacon (Have not used my coupon yet)
-Signed up for a free tub of Cottenelle
-Signed up for a free sample of Kotex

Geologix Explorations Inc. (Public, TSE:GIX)

6 Oct

Just an update on my budding recent pick for GIX.TO:

Sept 17th:  3000 shares @ 35 cents
Oct 6th:  3000 @ 41 cents

It’s a good 5 cent jump today alone.  For the last couple of weeks, it’s been trading from 32-38 cents.  I was a little worried when it hit 32 cents as it was below my buy in price!  But looks like it’s turning a new leaf.  Let’s see where this one will go!

Update:  Oct 7th:  3000 @ 47.5 cents  (If I had only put more money into this thing instead of UC Resources)

Update:  Oct 14th  settling @ 51 cents.  Losing its intial hype…