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Geologix Explorations Inc. (Public, TSE:GIX)

6 Oct

Just an update on my budding recent pick for GIX.TO:

Sept 17th:  3000 shares @ 35 cents
Oct 6th:  3000 @ 41 cents

It’s a good 5 cent jump today alone.  For the last couple of weeks, it’s been trading from 32-38 cents.  I was a little worried when it hit 32 cents as it was below my buy in price!  But looks like it’s turning a new leaf.  Let’s see where this one will go!

Update:  Oct 7th:  3000 @ 47.5 cents  (If I had only put more money into this thing instead of UC Resources)

Update:  Oct 14th  settling @ 51 cents.  Losing its intial hype…