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7 Oct

Lately, I’ve been frequenting sites like Red Flag Deals and Smart Canucks in search for deals!  If you keep your eye out, you can get really good discounts through coupons and special promotions that companies offer to attract consumers to their products.  I’m only at the beginning stages of learning how to use “stacking” to my advantage.  Apparently, you can stack the coupons together to get an item for free.  I’m not really a coupon clipper, but if it does save me money, I will do it.  Price matching is another option that many use to get another 10% off from the sale item listed.  But I believe that takes time and piss a lot of people off in the long line ups.  Always know your prices.. try not to pay for the full price for an item.  It’s bound to go on sale anytime!  Just wait for it… and you shall pocket the savings 🙂

Here’s the list of freebies I got so far:

-Free Taster’s Choice 6 instant packets
-Free sample of  All Bran bar
-Free MCD Large fries using Monopoly Money
-Free 414ml Coke from Mac’s (Picked up Oct 10th on expiry date)
-Free Maple Leaf Bacon (Have not used my coupon yet)
-Signed up for a free tub of Cottenelle
-Signed up for a free sample of Kotex