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Exceeded My Goal

13 Oct

Agrium is up by 22% and Geologix is up by 51% from my buy in price.  They are on a tear in the past week.  I am still holding them in my Questrade Margin account at an unrealized gain of $2130.  I am keeping a keen eye on them both as the downward momentum may come into play anytime soon.  I am very happy with my results in my new account. 

 However, I took losses in my other accounts only to buy duds.  So all in all, I am breaking even.  There were quite a few stocks I let go that went on to gain even more.  For example:  AGU (though, I bought into it again), ALA, CHE.UN,  CSCO, FSYS, Half of GQ, RCI.B, WTE.UN.  These undeciplined sales were not thoroughly thought out.  My decisions were harsh and giving up on the stock where it did have more potential to grow. 

Goal:  I want to cut down my debt by Nov 16th.  That’s when my RBC Visa 0% balance of $12,500 expires.  I am going to sell probably half of my holdings in Starbucks and Visa.  Visa has been a little dissapointing to me.  I sold other stocks to keep this big burden in my portfolio.  I am not making any money out of Visa.  Damn exchange rates!  You ruin my profits!!