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Holding Ten Stocks

29 Nov

I’m a little frustrated at the markets these days.  I had a stellar run with Agrium for a good few months.  When it topped out at $90, I didn’t sell as that was the resistant point.  I always run into the problem of holding a stock for too long.  Now, it’s trading around $82.  I could have realized a nice profit in that price alone.  But I didn’t take advantage of it.  Just too late now to act upon it.  Same can be said with Visa.  Missing my chances as always.  Hundreds of dollars taken off the table in a blink of an eye. 

With that, I always end up selling ones that end up going up even more.  Where’s my technique of holding on to winners and capturing profits?  I don’t really have any.  I have to monitor my stocks my rigorously.

As for my ten remaining stocks, it’s split down the middle with blue cheaps and risky penny stocks.  To date, they have been up and down.  Luckily, I still have a gain of approximately $9,000 if I choose to liquidate all of it. 

Made the mistake of buying into Husky when Lululemon was the clear winner at that time.  It’s little stuff like that I’m hitting myself over with.


Pushed the Puss!

19 Nov

My finger is still swelling with pain.  I am on pain killers since last night.  Today, I poked my finger with a pin to squeeze out the puss and blood.  I can feel the pain residing now… since, all the pressure has been let loose.  Probably poked like 8 times, before I hit the motherload!  Enjoy the pictures!

Nail Biting Part 2

18 Nov

At first, it was an irritation.  Then it started to hurt like a pulsating ticker.  Now it’s turning colours and swollen around the irritated areas.  Still hurts.  I don’t really know how I got this.  I think I must of jammed my fingers at first but didn’t realize anything of it till it started to manifest itself. 

So one of my goals for 2011 is to cut my nail biting of bad habits!!

Am I crazy?

18 Nov

For believing in UC Resources?  Maybe a little.  It hasn’t done much in the past few months.  But I had just under a thousand in my QT RSP account waiting for some risky business.  I added another 9000 shares @ 10 cents to UC Resources.

This brings me to 49,000 shares… I don’t know exactly what my average price is.  I’ll update later when I get the chance.  I probably got a good $5000 in this 10 cent stock.  Call me crazy, but I’m looking for some fast money here!

Update:  $5,230.36 invested into this high risk penny stock… UC Resources!  I hope this small investment will turn into a small fortune for me one day.  It might go either way…. time will only tell!!

10% Loss in One Day

17 Nov

Tuesday, Nov 16th… the market took a hit due to some worries about the China or Irish money troubles.  Stupid sell offs.  I lost like a good 10% in one day in my overall portfolio.  I should have sold my Visa.  But I keep holding out hope that it’ll make a come back.  My hopes are fading as the stupid exchange rates and price of the stock is hurting me both ways.  Anyways.  Just wanted to rant for a bit.  I’m starting to think I should just take my profits and RUN.

I was up like $150-180 in Husky in the first couple days of holding it.  I should of sold out then.  But I was greedy… now it’s at a $50 loss.  Now it’s just a waiting game!  I hate waiting for it to bounce up if it ever does that is.

Good Run Jazzy

10 Nov

Jazz Air Income Fund (Jazz Air) (Halifax) reported net income of C$19.1 million in the third quarter. This net income of C$19.1 million compares to a larger C$25.3 million net profit in 2009, a decrease of C$6.2 million or 24.6%.

Earnings fell for Jazz Airlines due to the higher Canadian dollar as well.  With the small revenues they are generating compared to other airlines, I do not see a good forseeable continuation for growth in the already suffering industry of aviation.  After the release of earnings, JAZ.UN dropped a good 20%.  So I opted to step off the plane and let it fly off into the distance.

I originally bought JAZ.UN for 300 @ $2.75 when it was paying a monthly distribution of 8 cents.  That was short lived as they couldn’t sustain that distribution.  They lowered it to 5 cents, but they kept on paying it out every month.  Today, I sold out at $5.15, a 80% gain plus all the distributions I’ve collected over the past year and a bit. 

Good run Jazzy.  I still like you.

Red Day

9 Nov

Early in today’s trading session, most of my stocks were in the green.  Then I came back after lunch to find it closed in the red.  All except, UC Resources which only gained half a cent.  WTF.  I am pissed.  At least it wasn’t a significant drop in share price.  Most of them dropped 50 cents or the lesser value.  Still, it’s $643.3 less than it was the day before.  But of course, it’s all unrealized.  Just saying.

Goodbye BGEM

4 Nov

I finally let go of this dead penny stock:  BGEM trading on the Pink Sheets.  It was a classic pump and dump offered by free penny newsletters.  BGEM was featured as the hot stock to be in.  In the matter of a few days, I did have a 100% gain at one point.  I decided to hold on as I had dollar signs in my eyes.  But I got caught in the hype, then it came crashing down.  Before I could pull the trigger it was too late and at a loss.  I figure I’ll hold it till it comes back up… that never transpired.  The outcome has taught me a valuable lesson in the fast pace penny stocks.  It can turn on you in a second!

Walked away with just $93.76 in my pocket after my inital investment of $690.55 dated on Dec 31, 2009.  Took a loss of $596.79.  I could have waited longer to see a turn around, but I rather use that money to buy food.

Sold BMO for HUSKY

3 Nov

In my QT RSP account, I sold out BMO for tiny gain of $60 + hopefully a dividend of $70.  Just a few days ago, it was trading at a higher level, but I held out for the dividend.  I always miss my high mark.

I am not particularly fond of Husky, but I figure with the dividends coming up on Nov 18th, I can rake in $60 in dividends.  With the upcoming dividend, I expect a little upside from its price of $25.35.  Husky’s trading range is around 24.21-30.88… I figure there’s more to gain than lose!