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10% Loss in One Day

17 Nov

Tuesday, Nov 16th… the market took a hit due to some worries about the China or Irish money troubles.  Stupid sell offs.  I lost like a good 10% in one day in my overall portfolio.  I should have sold my Visa.  But I keep holding out hope that it’ll make a come back.  My hopes are fading as the stupid exchange rates and price of the stock is hurting me both ways.  Anyways.  Just wanted to rant for a bit.  I’m starting to think I should just take my profits and RUN.

I was up like $150-180 in Husky in the first couple days of holding it.  I should of sold out then.  But I was greedy… now it’s at a $50 loss.  Now it’s just a waiting game!  I hate waiting for it to bounce up if it ever does that is.