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2010 Goal Reached

29 Dec

Balance as of December 29, 2010

Investment Portfolio: $62,206.62  Debt Balance: $6,384.17
Stock market can flautuate drastically at any given day.
Disclosure:  My investment portfolio consists of SBUX, V, BPF.UN, NOT, IPL.UN, GQ, UC, AGU, GIX, HSE and Streetwise Fund.  

Finally, I surpassed my investment portfolio goal of $50,000 that I have set forth earlier in the year.  My current investments are unrealized at 27.65% gain.  They can go either way. 

This past year, I have borrowed a ton of money to buy more stocks.  This did not work out as I had hoped as I held onto stocks that have not performed well.  Lesson learned was to sell whenever you have a good profit.  Never hold onto a loss more than 10%. 

Currrently, I am still holding NOT at a 53% loss (-$2,300).  This is sore breaking point for me.  It’s really hurting my overall performance in the year.  But I do not want to sell at a hefty loss.  I will hold till it recovers then sell it when it will turn a decent coin for me.

My 2011 goal for my investment portfolio is going to be set at $75,000 and locking in gains. 


Time to Shed Excess Weight

27 Dec

All you can eat, buffets, potlucks, dinner gatherings have totally push me over the limit.  I nibble on everything till I’m totally stuffed.  If the food is front of me, I’ll just keep on eating without any regard of putting on more weight.  It’s been four years to date that I’ve gained twenty pounds.  Yes, I’ve done it.  I’ve reached over 130 lbs.  My jeans don’t fit me, I have to really try to squish into them.  I have a muffin top now that is becoming quite unsightly.

After having AYCE at Kingsway Sushi for lunch this afternoon, I just downed four pieces of my mom’s freshly made deep fried chinese donuts plus a piece of Purdy’s chocolate that was sitting on the table.  Soon, I’m off to Bubble World to have dinner with my friend and her boyfriend.  Maybe I should just have a little appetizer instead of a full course meal.  (Save me some money too!)

It’s time to put a stop to my bad eating habits and start working out.  I’ll join a gym or start running around the block.  2011 will be a different year!  Time to get rid of my tummy!

Trading as Business

20 Dec

My investor friend referred me to this site:

It seems tempting to go take this workshop for guaranteed profits.  Three to one winning system.  I can quit my day job to trade full time for a living making $500 a day!  But with every promise, there comes with a hefty price tag.  Apparently to learn the winning system, it’ll cost $5,000 for personal one on one training, using Sunny’s money to make your trades till you can branch out on your own, and all the secrets to neutral trading.

I’m waiting for a email reply from Sunny to see if answer my questions in sincerity before I making up my mind.  Right now, I can’t just fork over half the money for my friend to take the workshop and have the information relied to me.  That is risky.

Free Fall

16 Dec

Who would have imagine that Visa fell $9.75 per share today, 13% drop!  The US Federal are up to no good again… what the hell are they sticking their nose up in someone else’s business!  Now, they want to regulate and lower the fees that Visa charge the merchants.  Oh please!

Last Thursday, I sold half of my position for $80 @ 100 shares to lower my margin.  I pocketed only $206.92.  The currency exchange basically killed my profits.

Looking back at my Visa play from July 21st where I had bought in at $71.99, I should have sold out earlier.  But I was stubborn holding out hopes that Visa will make a comeback and looking for the Canadian dollar to fall.  For the past six months in which I have been holding, Visa was a roller coaster going between $65-80 a share.  Most of the time, it averaged out to be around $75.  I saw that pattern and decided that Visa had ran its course.  Time for me to unload half of my shares.

I’ve made some mistakes this year:

  1. Sold out my winning stocks too early:  AGU, GQ, CHE.UN, WTE.UN
  2. Kept my losing stocks for too long:  BGEM, NOT, V
  3. Added position to a dead penny stock:  UC
  4. Decided to buy a loser instead of the winner:  HSE vs LLL



Vegas Dec 11-14

15 Dec

It’s always nice to get away for a bit.  Found an awesome deal on Expedia that gave a $300 credit to a vacation package for a limited time only to December bookings.  So we flew out from Vancouver and stayed at the new five- star Vdara hotel for about $200 per person for three nights!  Action packed with lots of sightseeing the first night, followed by shopping in the outlets, stuffed our faces with Buffet of Buffets , hit the Cirque de Soliel Mystere show… gambling was at a minimum.  I won $3.50 from getting free slot play at the Wynn.  Decided to join my friend in on Craps at Treasure Island.  Walked away with $18.  Overall a fun trip with BF and couple friends.  Took some amazing pics!!

I love you, GQ

6 Dec

GQ, I just want to express that you’re the best thing that has happen to me in the past year.  +1293.33%  and counting.

Here is my humble beginnings:

Sailor Moon Vol. 1 by Takeuchi, Naoko

4 Dec

Sold!  I initially listed it higher, but brought it down to be more competitive with other sellers.  In the end, I didn’t realize the limited sellers of new comic for $180.  Bittersweet to let it go.  Amazon took a huge chunk of my earnings..  almost 16% of my sale price.

Item: Sailor Moon Vol. 1  by Takeuchi, Naoko
Condition: Used – Like New
Condition note: Excellent Condition!  No Rips or Creases on the binding.  All time favorite comic book ever!!  Ready to ship for your reading needs!
Listing ID: 0428GP71YDC
Quantity: 1
Order date: 04-Dec-2010
Buyer’s price: CDN $80.00
Amazon commission: (CDN $13.73)
Shipping credit: CDN $6.49
Your earnings: CDN $72.76

Could GIX be my next GQ?

3 Dec

GIX was another spur of the moment pick for me.   With no money on my side, I actually used margin to buy this penny stock at 35 cents x 3000 shares.  In the few months, it has returned a remarkable 150% gain and counting!  This baby is starting to look a lot like my GQ who started out at 15 cents x 5000 shares to $1.80.  If I only kept all my 5000 shares of GQ, I would have been really happy.  I sold out half my position at 35 cents for GQ.  Nevertheless, not bad for a $750 investment initially. My only regret is not putting more money into GIX and GQ.

I’ve actually pour more money into NOT and UC for some reason for a combined total of $10k.  NOT has been a real dissapointment for me, I should have sold out when GQ actually surpassed NOT.  But I didn’t want to take a real loss.  UC has been a little stagnant.  Not really making any moves.  Hopefully, in the near future, it will make some strides.  Still waiting for that moment….

Maybe, it’s time to re-prioritize my positions.

Risky Juniors

2 Dec

Here is the list of my current junior mining stocks as of December 2nd:

Noront Resources-   Loss:  $2320, -53.95%.

Great Quest Metals-  Gain: $4090.01, +1062.37 %

UC Resources Ltd.- Gain: $159.64, +3.05%

Geologix Explorations- Gain:  $1490.05, +140.58%

Always seem to pour my money into the wrong stocks, when I should have been adding to my explosive ones.  I made the mistake of buying more Noront Resources at a lower cost, but I ended up selling it at a loss a month ago.  Also, I’ve added my position in UC Resources, but it has yet to explode like Geologix Exploration in the past week.  Maybe, it’s time to focus in buying on the uptrend instead of the downtrend to maximize profits.