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Risky Juniors

2 Dec

Here is the list of my current junior mining stocks as of December 2nd:

Noront Resources-   Loss:  $2320, -53.95%.

Great Quest Metals-  Gain: $4090.01, +1062.37 %

UC Resources Ltd.- Gain: $159.64, +3.05%

Geologix Explorations- Gain:  $1490.05, +140.58%

Always seem to pour my money into the wrong stocks, when I should have been adding to my explosive ones.  I made the mistake of buying more Noront Resources at a lower cost, but I ended up selling it at a loss a month ago.  Also, I’ve added my position in UC Resources, but it has yet to explode like Geologix Exploration in the past week.  Maybe, it’s time to focus in buying on the uptrend instead of the downtrend to maximize profits.