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Could GIX be my next GQ?

3 Dec

GIX was another spur of the moment pick for me.   With no money on my side, I actually used margin to buy this penny stock at 35 cents x 3000 shares.  In the few months, it has returned a remarkable 150% gain and counting!  This baby is starting to look a lot like my GQ who started out at 15 cents x 5000 shares to $1.80.  If I only kept all my 5000 shares of GQ, I would have been really happy.  I sold out half my position at 35 cents for GQ.  Nevertheless, not bad for a $750 investment initially. My only regret is not putting more money into GIX and GQ.

I’ve actually pour more money into NOT and UC for some reason for a combined total of $10k.  NOT has been a real dissapointment for me, I should have sold out when GQ actually surpassed NOT.  But I didn’t want to take a real loss.  UC has been a little stagnant.  Not really making any moves.  Hopefully, in the near future, it will make some strides.  Still waiting for that moment….

Maybe, it’s time to re-prioritize my positions.