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Time to Shed Excess Weight

27 Dec

All you can eat, buffets, potlucks, dinner gatherings have totally push me over the limit.  I nibble on everything till I’m totally stuffed.  If the food is front of me, I’ll just keep on eating without any regard of putting on more weight.  It’s been four years to date that I’ve gained twenty pounds.  Yes, I’ve done it.  I’ve reached over 130 lbs.  My jeans don’t fit me, I have to really try to squish into them.  I have a muffin top now that is becoming quite unsightly.

After having AYCE at Kingsway Sushi for lunch this afternoon, I just downed four pieces of my mom’s freshly made deep fried chinese donuts plus a piece of Purdy’s chocolate that was sitting on the table.  Soon, I’m off to Bubble World to have dinner with my friend and her boyfriend.  Maybe I should just have a little appetizer instead of a full course meal.  (Save me some money too!)

It’s time to put a stop to my bad eating habits and start working out.  I’ll join a gym or start running around the block.  2011 will be a different year!  Time to get rid of my tummy!