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2010 Goal Reached

29 Dec

Balance as of December 29, 2010

Investment Portfolio: $62,206.62  Debt Balance: $6,384.17
Stock market can flautuate drastically at any given day.
Disclosure:  My investment portfolio consists of SBUX, V, BPF.UN, NOT, IPL.UN, GQ, UC, AGU, GIX, HSE and Streetwise Fund.  

Finally, I surpassed my investment portfolio goal of $50,000 that I have set forth earlier in the year.  My current investments are unrealized at 27.65% gain.  They can go either way. 

This past year, I have borrowed a ton of money to buy more stocks.  This did not work out as I had hoped as I held onto stocks that have not performed well.  Lesson learned was to sell whenever you have a good profit.  Never hold onto a loss more than 10%. 

Currrently, I am still holding NOT at a 53% loss (-$2,300).  This is sore breaking point for me.  It’s really hurting my overall performance in the year.  But I do not want to sell at a hefty loss.  I will hold till it recovers then sell it when it will turn a decent coin for me.

My 2011 goal for my investment portfolio is going to be set at $75,000 and locking in gains.