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Raise it up!

31 Jan

Since August 2008, I started working Part-Time for an extra 16 hours per week to supplement my income.  I’ve cut down my hours to working only on Saturdays now.  I’m their “first” employee so they say!  But I know the real truth as they hired someone first but he quit like in just a week or so.  Recently, they have a high turnover for their Full-Time staff. 

So this past Saturday, I got a raise to $12.40/hour!  Boss wants to make me happy… but I get tired of working the Saturday shifts though. 


27 Jan
1 Stainless Steel Self-Winding Mechanical Tachometer Wristwatch
Item # 14042
For my Dad’s upcoming birthday. $16.88 USD
1 Quit Smoking USB Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette with 6-Refills
Item # 29044
To get my Brother to quit smoking. $7.91 USD
1 Smash-it Stress Relief Jelly Soft Ball
Item # 3828
Fun little toy for my Niece, she can throw the little pig that will be flattened out… eventually the jelly will go back to its original shape. $2.70 USD
1 Color Nutrient and Moisturizing Crystal Magic Soil 5-Pack (Hydroponic)
Item # 11582
Time for me to take care of a plant! $1.81 USD
1 6″ Chic Chefs Horizontal Ceramic Knife
Item # 28960
Fragile but very sharp, let’s see how this holds up! $10.67 USD
1 Registered Air Mail ##
Item # 0
$0.01 USD
Amount $39.98 USD

Who’s my ally?

27 Jan

What is new with me?  Nothing much, I’ve been on the down low mostly there is nothing to boast about in my stock portfolio.  In the past few weeks, it’s been slumping downwards.  My portfolio is extremely volitile. In the matter of days, it can give or take a few thousand just like that.

I am playing it ultra save by opening up Ally High Interest Savings for some expected cash coming my way on January 31st!  Check it out:

Although I’m a long time client of ING Direct, their rates are lower than Ally.  Of course, I’m going to flock over to the higher rate.  1.50% at ING Direct vs 2.00% at Ally. 

Who do I bank with?  I’ve gone through a lot of banks and brokerages!  I do not deal with them anymore as I’ve switched over to online banking or brokerages where I do not have to pay fees or as much in commissions. 

Here’s the list from my humble beginnings:

  1. BMO Savings Account
  2. Royal Bank Savings Account
  3. TD Savings Account
  4. TD Waterhouse
  5. BMO Investorline

Here’s my current institutions that I deal with now:

  1. President’s Choice
  2. ING Direct
  3. Scotia Itrade
  4. Questrade
  5. Ally

Curious Mind

9 Jan

A lot of the time, I am curious about one’s personal finance. Are they living comfortably or are they struggling? How well do they handle their finances? These questions always pop into my head when I watch strangers pass by me or talk to friends even. Some may find my tendency a bit rude, but I ask personal questions to get to the bottom line.

My current full-time job will not allow me to support a condo around the price range of $300,000. Sad to say, but true. Most one bedroom condos in Burnaby/Vancouver are hard to afford, unless you buy a unit in an older building or give up living space. But I like new, shiny new developments as to where I want to settle down. The housing market in the Greater Vancouver area is overly expensive. The current market is driven by an influx of wealthy immigrants.

True stories : One time, I was waiting behind this asian lady at the PC Financial ATM at Metrotown. She forgot her slip in the bank machine. So I picked it up and looked at her slip. She has $163,000 sitting at her PCF savings account and she just made a $3,000 deposit. My jaw dropped. She looked to be over thirty, but you never know how much money a person got stashed up somewhere. Another time, my coworker left his Hotmail account open. So I decided to snoop around mainly cause I was curious. I didn’t think I’d find anything significant but found out he was looking to get a house with his wife for $800,000 with a $300,000 down payment. He’s probably in his mid 30s. I’m like wow that’s great!! Where did he save all that money from!?

Today, I signed a contract that may release me from a seven-year commitment.  This may be able to push me forward to possibly invest in real estate.  Anyhow, you won’t see my carrying a Couch bag, that’s cause, I’m thrifty with money.  I’m not in debt or living from paycheck to paycheck.  I strive for financial well-being.  As of now, I got a good amount  working in different investment vehicles.

Yup, I’m good at saving up money what can I say.

Private Money

8 Jan

Am I really that open to letting acquaintances or strangers into my private life?

There are some links and pictures that reveals my true identity. I am comfortable in the stuff I have disclosed on my blog. My main reason for this blog is documenting the performance of my stock portfolio plus tidbits that may seem amusing to post. Though, I openly discuss my stock portfolio… I have not revealed my earnings or my actual net worth. There has to be an air of mystery to make the reader come back for more to gain more knowledge of who I really am.

Since I started my blog last year, I got 1100 hits with 96 posts for 2010. Most hits are most likely people who already know me. My blog will never be main stream, it will remain hidden among piles of other blogs. But at least, it’s out there for whoever wants to read it.

Porfolio Update

5 Jan
Account Buy In Cash Stock Profit/Loss Percentage
Itrade Margin 17652.35 5.46 27002.28 +9355.39 53.00%
Questrade Margin 5000.00 (2147.31) 11107.00 +3959.69 79.19%
Questrade TFSA 9400.00 246.07 11048.00 +1894.07 20.15%
Questrade RSP 7000.00 248.67 7067.00 +315.67 4.51%
Total 39052.35 (1647.11) 56224.28 +15524.82 39.75%

Added Positions

4 Jan

In my Questrade RSP account, I sold Husky (100 @ 26.50; 100 @ 26.39) and profited $203.78.  Using Questrade, I’ve made a few mistakes in my order entry.  I wanted to sell 200 shares at once, but I only entered 100 shares.  I lost about $15.95 in error and comissions. 

Questrade’s trading interface is not in its best format.  Transaction is always set at “BUY”.  So yes, I’ve bought stocks when I actually intended to sell it.  These errors are avoidable if I check my orders more carefully.

Today, I added two positions to replace my sale of Husky:

  1. AP.UN (200 @ 21.93)
  2. CSH.UN (100 @ 8.37)

Noteable Stocks:  GQ is still going strong, jumping 26 cents to $2.49.  While UC is still lagging, dropping 1 cent to $0.095.  UC isn’t giving me a run for my money like I hoped.  Maybe, it’s time to cut my losses and move onto more opportune stocks.

Thumb of Rule:  I will not sell GQ, GIX, NOT, UC till December 2011.  They are my junior penny stocks.  GQ and GIX have performed well for me while NOT and UC have been free-falling.  Money has been funneling to NOT and UC which was a big mistake while GQ and GIX took off.  Time will tell which ones will fly or falter unless some drastic measures have to be taken.

Review Time

1 Jan

Happy New Year!  2011 is finally here.  Let’s review how I did overall in 2010 in my investment portfolio…

Overall Realized Gain for 2010 is $2503.29: 25 trades

Distributions and Dividends accumulated for 2010 is roughly estimated at $2000.00

Overall Unrealized Gain is $13899.50 as of Dec 31, 2010:

Scotia Itrade Margin: 18227.89 –> $24795.35
Questrade Margin:  5000 –> $9160.81
Questrade TFSA:  9400 –> $11192.32
Questrade RSP: 7000 –> $7322.31
ING Streetwise:  6738.15 –> $7794.75

Current Debt is $6760.61 Associated with Portfolio