Curious Mind

9 Jan

A lot of the time, I am curious about one’s personal finance. Are they living comfortably or are they struggling? How well do they handle their finances? These questions always pop into my head when I watch strangers pass by me or talk to friends even. Some may find my tendency a bit rude, but I ask personal questions to get to the bottom line.

My current full-time job will not allow me to support a condo around the price range of $300,000. Sad to say, but true. Most one bedroom condos in Burnaby/Vancouver are hard to afford, unless you buy a unit in an older building or give up living space. But I like new, shiny new developments as to where I want to settle down. The housing market in the Greater Vancouver area is overly expensive. The current market is driven by an influx of wealthy immigrants.

True stories : One time, I was waiting behind this asian lady at the PC Financial ATM at Metrotown. She forgot her slip in the bank machine. So I picked it up and looked at her slip. She has $163,000 sitting at her PCF savings account and she just made a $3,000 deposit. My jaw dropped. She looked to be over thirty, but you never know how much money a person got stashed up somewhere. Another time, my coworker left his Hotmail account open. So I decided to snoop around mainly cause I was curious. I didn’t think I’d find anything significant but found out he was looking to get a house with his wife for $800,000 with a $300,000 down payment. He’s probably in his mid 30s. I’m like wow that’s great!! Where did he save all that money from!?

Today, I signed a contract that may release me from a seven-year commitment.  This may be able to push me forward to possibly invest in real estate.  Anyhow, you won’t see my carrying a Couch bag, that’s cause, I’m thrifty with money.  I’m not in debt or living from paycheck to paycheck.  I strive for financial well-being.  As of now, I got a good amount  working in different investment vehicles.

Yup, I’m good at saving up money what can I say.

One Response to “Curious Mind”

  1. Mona January 9, 2011 at 2.33 #

    “Couch Bag”? Ouch! You should totally get one with your next big gain!

    I’ll answer your questions! I’m living quite comfortably with my bi-weekly influx of peanuts. I tend to save on little things – like 50c off groceries here and there, but I also splurge on big item purchases. Hence, I don’t manage my finances as well as I should. A budget system would never work because I like to have freedom with my peanuts.

    Ohoh, I overheard some co-workers talking about a new condo being built in New West around 8th ave and McBride starting at $!69k. I was considering it as a rental property, but I’d probably spend the money on more “Couch bags” or a car that I do not need haha.

    I still think you should get a coach bag. It’ll look awesome =).

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