27 Jan
1 Stainless Steel Self-Winding Mechanical Tachometer Wristwatch
Item # 14042
For my Dad’s upcoming birthday. $16.88 USD
1 Quit Smoking USB Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette with 6-Refills
Item # 29044
To get my Brother to quit smoking. $7.91 USD
1 Smash-it Stress Relief Jelly Soft Ball
Item # 3828
Fun little toy for my Niece, she can throw the little pig that will be flattened out… eventually the jelly will go back to its original shape. $2.70 USD
1 Color Nutrient and Moisturizing Crystal Magic Soil 5-Pack (Hydroponic)
Item # 11582
Time for me to take care of a plant! $1.81 USD
1 6″ Chic Chefs Horizontal Ceramic Knife
Item # 28960
Fragile but very sharp, let’s see how this holds up! $10.67 USD
1 Registered Air Mail ##
Item # 0
$0.01 USD
Amount $39.98 USD

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