Who’s my ally?

27 Jan

What is new with me?  Nothing much, I’ve been on the down low mostly there is nothing to boast about in my stock portfolio.  In the past few weeks, it’s been slumping downwards.  My portfolio is extremely volitile. In the matter of days, it can give or take a few thousand just like that.

I am playing it ultra save by opening up Ally High Interest Savings for some expected cash coming my way on January 31st!  Check it out:  http://www.ally.ca/en/savings/high-interest-savings-account/hisa-overview.html

Although I’m a long time client of ING Direct, their rates are lower than Ally.  Of course, I’m going to flock over to the higher rate.  1.50% at ING Direct vs 2.00% at Ally. 

Who do I bank with?  I’ve gone through a lot of banks and brokerages!  I do not deal with them anymore as I’ve switched over to online banking or brokerages where I do not have to pay fees or as much in commissions. 

Here’s the list from my humble beginnings:

  1. BMO Savings Account
  2. Royal Bank Savings Account
  3. TD Savings Account
  4. TD Waterhouse
  5. BMO Investorline

Here’s my current institutions that I deal with now:

  1. President’s Choice
  2. ING Direct
  3. Scotia Itrade
  4. Questrade
  5. Ally

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