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Portfolio Update- February 2011

6 Feb
Account Buy In Cash Stock Profit/Loss Percentage
Itrade Margin 17652.35 28.46 26951.74 +9327.85 52.41%
Questrade Margin 5000.00 (2155.77) 11177.00 +4023.23 80.46%
Questrade TFSA 9400.00 294.00 10936.00 +1830.00 19.46%
Questrade RSP 7000.00 5408.00 1805.00 +213.00 3.04%
Total 39052.35 3574.69 50869.74 +15394.08 39.75%

COMMENT: I sold two stocks at a loss.  Some stocks have moved up, some stocks have moved down… but overall it averaged out to be the same as last month.

To do list for this month’s trading session:
1)  Time to revamp my Questrade RSP account.  I will invest $5408 into a high yielding dividend stock.  I’m thinking about Pembina Pipeline Corp @ $22.36/share paying out 13 cents per month.  But I have to research more carefully this time around.
2)  I’ll be maxing out my Questrade TFSA to $15,000.  Another pick has to be picked soon.
3)  I’m thinking of selling my losing penny stock in different accounts to free up some money.  The loss will be heartbreaking but I’m tired of holding onto a loser!!
4)  Either I sell of my Agrium in my Questrade Margin account or pay off the margin balance.