Sold Agrium Today

8 Feb

Agrium Story:  In my Itrade Margin account around June 2010, I made a daring move by purchasing Agrium solely on margin at 200 @ $52.45.  I quickly sold Agrium at a loss soon after at 200 @ $52.05, what a big mistake that was!  It was just a small little hiccup that scared me off.  I kept my eye on it, it climbed steadily and surely… after I sold out.  I was not happy.  But I decided to re-enter Agrium at 100 @ $71.65 in my Questrade Margin account.  The rest is history.  I could have made a whole lot more if I didn’t chicken out. 

Bittersweet to let Agrium go at $92.60 for a profit of 29.11%.  It’s been good to me, but with the earnings report coming in the next two days… I don’t know how Agrium will hold up in the cut throat earning release.  I’ve been burnt a few times before such as RIM and Visa.  So this time around, I want to ensure my gain.

Update Feb 9th:  Well, I made another blunder.  Agrium is up $3.50 this morning.  Earnings were stellar. 


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