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Full Tilt

24 Feb

Last night, I funded $200 USD into my Full Tilt online poker.  I’ve been careless and dwindled down to $150.  When I’m pissed, I tend to play even bigger amounts with an aggressive manner.  I ventured into Rush Holdem $1/$2 no limit.  Boy, that’s a fast game.  Once you fold, you’re moved right away to another table for continuous play!  I played a few hands… mostly folding.  But I managed to get the hang of it and I made a few bucks back.  But the blinds were eating into my profits so I decided to go to the Rush Holdem $0.50/$1 no limit table thinking it won’t cost me as much.

I believe it was my first hand.  I got AK off-suit.  So I decided to raise it to $2.  The other guy wanted some action, so he raised me $6.  I’m like fine I call you.  The flop matched my King!  Yay, finally I catch a lucky break.  I can’t really remember what happened because it went by so quickly.  I ended up betting everything I had… my buy in was at $80. (usually I play micro no limit with buy ins of $7-10 max in which I did crappy on).  Anyways, the guy had pocket Jacks and was fishing.  He just didn’t want to give up…. last bet for me was $50 on the turn.  He ended up calling me… thanks buddy, you have reimbursed my loss plus adding  nice little profit of $30.

Basically, have no fear.  Even though, I got beaten numerous times.  I’m like I can’t have such bad luck, can I?  All it takes is one good sucker to lure in… just try not be one yourself!!

Pulling the Trigger

24 Feb

In my QT Margin account, I pulled the plug on Imperial Oil with a gain of $534.73 and Honeywell with a disappointing loss of $231.89.   Imperial Oil had a good run, but I felt the bullish run was about to come to an end.  Crude oil is trading at its highs… and I’m afraid it will come crashing down once the big boys are done with them.  Honeywell took a bad beating this week.  I had my chance of selling it at break even, but I wasn’t quick enough. 

I’ve replaced both stocks with Potash and Cliff Natural Resources.  I could have bought them for cheaper if I had waited a little bit longer, but I was impatient.  My positions:  POT.TO 200 @ 56.65;  CLF 100 @ 92.00