Full Tilt

24 Feb

Last night, I funded $200 USD into my Full Tilt online poker.  I’ve been careless and dwindled down to $150.  When I’m pissed, I tend to play even bigger amounts with an aggressive manner.  I ventured into Rush Holdem $1/$2 no limit.  Boy, that’s a fast game.  Once you fold, you’re moved right away to another table for continuous play!  I played a few hands… mostly folding.  But I managed to get the hang of it and I made a few bucks back.  But the blinds were eating into my profits so I decided to go to the Rush Holdem $0.50/$1 no limit table thinking it won’t cost me as much.

I believe it was my first hand.  I got AK off-suit.  So I decided to raise it to $2.  The other guy wanted some action, so he raised me $6.  I’m like fine I call you.  The flop matched my King!  Yay, finally I catch a lucky break.  I can’t really remember what happened because it went by so quickly.  I ended up betting everything I had… my buy in was at $80. (usually I play micro no limit with buy ins of $7-10 max in which I did crappy on).  Anyways, the guy had pocket Jacks and was fishing.  He just didn’t want to give up…. last bet for me was $50 on the turn.  He ended up calling me… thanks buddy, you have reimbursed my loss plus adding  nice little profit of $30.

Basically, have no fear.  Even though, I got beaten numerous times.  I’m like I can’t have such bad luck, can I?  All it takes is one good sucker to lure in… just try not be one yourself!!

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